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This is the home page for IFMSIG. It it intended to act as a collection point for links relevent to formal methods, computer modelling, and theoretical computer science in Ireland as well as a notice board for the activities of the group. The group holds regular (bi-annual) meeting and also organises full refereed conferences in the area - see the News section for details.

Upcoming event

The first call for papers for the 5th Irish Workshop on Formal Methods has been sent out.

What does IFMSIG stand for ?

Originally it stood for the "Irish Formal Methods Special Interest Group", but in recent times we have moved the focus away from being about "formal methods" and view the group as embracing a much wider interface between mathematics and computing, bringing in such areas as theory, modelling, and yes, indeed, associated formalisms and methods.

So what does IFMSIG now mean ?

Well fomally, we would say : -)


At the moment, the primary means of contact is via our mailing list, which you are encouraged to use. To be added or removed from the list, contact the administrator (currently Andrew Butterfield). An archive of messages sent to the list is available - courtesy of Rotan Hanrahan in RTC Tallaght (currently down).


Who's Involved:

* Carlow I.T.
Joe Kehoe.
The formal methods people in the School of Computer Applications.
Richard Lawlor (e-mail).
* Queen's, Belfast.
The formal methods people in the Department of Computer Science.
* Tallaght I.T.
Rotan Hanrahan.
* Trinity College.
The Foundations and Methods group in the Department of Computer Science.
Anthony K. Seda (e-mail) in the Mathematics Department and Simon Foley in Computer Science.
* UCD.
Henry McLoughlin's has a group in the Department of Computer Science.

Franz Geiselbrechtinger's formal methods group in the same.

Sharon Flynn at the Information Technology Centre.
* UL
Norah Power in the Computer Science and Information Systems Department.
* University of Ulster
George Row in the School of Information and Software Engineering.
* Waterford Institute of Technology
Michael Brennan (e-mail)

Mairead Meaghar (e-mail).

Some Web Resources:

* Formal Methods Europe (maintained by Mícheál Mac an Airchinnigh).
* Formal Methods in the Virtual Library.
* A Comparative Study in Formal Software Development
* the Automated Reasoning Project
* IEEE Logic in Computer Science
* Safety-critical Systems
* Semantics of real-world programming languages lists
* A glossary of programming languages, architectures, domain theory, mathematics, etc.
* TOPPS group at DIKU.
* Temporal Logic of Actions (TLA)
* Evolving Algebras
* Calendar for Theoretical Computer Science
* Types for Program Analysis
* Theory and Formal Methods at Imperial College.
* Theory and Formal Methods at Universtity of Glasgow.
* The Nitpick tool.
* The functional programming FAQ.

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