V-SENSE is a team of 20+ researchers (half postdocs half PhDs) in Visual Computing at the intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Media Signal Processing. We are building a dynamic environment where enthusiastic young scientists with different backgrounds get together to shape the future in fundamental as well as applied research projects. Directions include but are not limited to:

The research project “V-SENSE – Extending Visual Sensation through Image-Based Visual Computing” is funded by SFI over five years with a substantial budget to cover over 20 researchers. This is part of a strategic investment in Creative Technologies by SFI and Trinity College, which is defined as one of the strategic research themes of the College. V-Sense intends to become an incubator in this context, to stimulate further integration and growth and to impact Creative Industries in Ireland as a whole.

V-SENSE aims to establish Trinity College Dublin as a world leading centre of excellence in creative technologies, as part of an even bigger endeavour to establish Dublin and Ireland as a centre of creative industries in general, including technology and creative production.

The three main pillars of our research are:

  • Extended 2D, which relates to novel techniques in high dynamic range, wide colour gamut, high framerate, and high resolution imaging;
  • Enhanced Immersion via research in areas, such as virtual and augmented reality, 3D depth perception, interactive viewpoint selection, or look around capabilities;
  • Empower Casual Creatives, who create content for social media or online platforms