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Dissertations from the Computational Linguistics Group

Intelligent Systems Discipline

SOME Dissertations from the Computational Linguistics Group


Martin Bachwerk (2013) "Effects of social structure on establishing lexical conventions in a computational model of task-oriented primeval dialogue"

Gerard Lynch (2013) "Identifying translation effects in English natural language text"

Brian Murphy (2007) " A Study of Notions of Participation and Discourse in Argument Structure Realisation"

Lorraine Gilleece (2006) "An Empirical Investigation of the Association between Musical Aptitude and Foreign Language Aptitude"

Ann Devitt (2005) "Methods for Meaningful Text Representation and Comparison"

Jennifer Foster (2005) "Good Reasons for Noting Bad Grammar: Empirical Investigations into the Parsing of Ungrammatical Written Inglish"


Claire Jessel (2009) "How to find the wheat AMID the chaff"

Lucinda Longmore (2008) "Talk about Talk, Population Dynamics and Agent Fitness"

Ronan Grace (2008) " Cross-linguistic Research to Examine the Principle of Linguistic Relativity: Evidence from English, Mandarin and Russian"

Yvette Graham (2006) "Services for Experimentation in the Human Sciences: An Online Experimentation Tool"

Julia Medori (2005) "Experiments Testing the Reliability and Validity of Author Identification Methods"

Maria Buckley (2004) "Cross-disciplinary Research into Improving Internet-based Research Methodology Applied to Interpretation of Natural Language Quantifiers"

Mark O'Neill (2003) "A Counterfactual Validation Procedure for Causal Discovery"

Justin Woods (2003) "Declaratives, Interrogatives, Semantic Space and the Emergence of Communication"

Michael Burke (2002) "Optimized Data Structures and Algorithms for Efficient Spelling Error Detection and Correction"

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