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Overview of CHI Research

Healthcare is an information intensive industry generating enormous volumes of data every day in hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics and laboratories, and more recently from patients, their devices and online activity. Yet most of this data continues to be processed manually limiting its usefulness for healthcare service delivery, evolution and research. The Centre for Health Informatics' research is concerned with how to leverage the myriad streams of health and wellbeing related information and context for the benefit of both individuals and populations. This research is building on the CHI-led projects, OpenLabs, Synapses, Synex, Medilink, AitEile and Solas. Synapses, an EU-funded project, resulted in the development of the ISO/CEN EN13606 EHR communication standard.

Due to advances in areas such as genomics, mobile health and analytics the variety, precision and personalisation of information is increasing along with the potential to extract value from it. As innovation is embraced and creative solutions evolve, a solid foundation in processes to determine needs assessment, user requirements and their relationship to EHR system requirements and design are essential to success. Without knowing what users want/need, their frame of reference and how these can fit in with plans for EHRs there is a high risk of failure. The Centre's current research continues to ensure appropriate use, communication and quality of information.

Currently there are three members of staff connected with the Centre for Health Informatics. Click on their names below to bring you to a description of their research interests

Lucy Hederman
Mary Sharp
Gaye Stephens