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Trinity College Dublin

Overview of CHI Education

One of the three foci of the Centre for HealthInformatics is education. Since the centre was created in 1991, education has been at the forefront of activities. Initially, educational resources were developed and disseminated as part of the MEDICHI research project.

Subsequently, in 1998, our MSc in Health Informatics was first offered and has run very successfully since then. Over 300 students have graduated. One of the unique aspects of this taught MSc programme is that it brings together experts from the multidisciplinary world of Health and places them in a classroom with IT experts. Mixing the disciplines in this manner and providing them with interactive classrom sessions, assignments and site visits results in an immersion into the discipline of Health Informatics.

Our educational activities have expanded since 1998 and staff from CHI contribute to the development, delivery and assesment of modules outside the school. These modules are delivered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and include the SPHERE PhD program, MSc in Global Health, and the BSc in Nursing.