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Centre for Research in I.T. in Education

Departments of Education and Computer Science Trinity College Dublin 2 Ireland

Other Projects

Movies teach bioinformatics algorithms
sequential pictures may be good teaching tools

Personalised Family Learning
Constructive Personalised Family Learning Incorporating Information and Communication Technology

Electronic Family Law (EFL): Using ICT's to enhance traditional (face-to-face) learning of Professional Legal Trainees in Ireland.
Completing Family Law Tutorials online

Using ICT as a Research Tool to Monitor how Children Read Multi-Media Material. What can we Discover?
Focussed behaviour, Guess and test, Interaction times, Multimedia, Problem solving, Reading ability, Superficial processing.

Using Multiple Intelligences in an Intelligent Tutoring System

"There's Such an Air of Spring about It" - Developing a Curriculum and Lifelong Learning Asynchronous Network for History Teachers in Ireland
The project showed that organising teachers into small groups to achieve specific targets over set periods increases the rate of participation of teachers in the exchange of resources using the Internet.

Mind Station
Multimedia Game Authoring as a Mindtool for the Development of Complex Thinking in the Primary Classroom

Collaboration and Community Learning
An exploration of the role of socially mediated learning in an emergent knowledge community of students with disabilities
Bryan Boyle, Inmaculada Arnedillo Sanchez

Creating new digital art projects from the works of Joyce
Theresa O'Connor

The Music of Sound
Learning how to Listen purposefully to Electroacoustic Music by Composing Musique Concrete in a Constructivist Learning Environement
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