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Project Murias

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Schools of Computer Science and Education, Trinity College, University of Dublin

Funded by Irish Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs, this project explores the use of Virtual Worlds for the teaching and learning of concepts in Development Education. The target groups for this research are Teacher Educators, Teachers, Student Teachers, and young people in formal and informal education.

Second Life is the platform selected as it is the largest and most stable Virtual World currently available. It is free to install and use and boasts in excess of 12million users. Using voice and text chat, participants explore and interact with the virtual world and with real people across the globe.

The strategic aims of this project are:

As part of the Bachelor in Education final year elective course in Development Education, student teachers are using Murias to construct interactive quests which will explore their understanding of Malaria, Water, Education, Aid and Child Labour.

A course entitled 'Using Technology to Enhance Development Education' for primary and secondary school teachers will be offered on Murias in July this year.

The NGO village is a space on Murias Island where NGOs (Non Government Organisations) can have their own presence. Each month will feature one NGO who will be offered space to display an exhibition of their work. They will be encouraged to offer a seminar or discussion of issues arising from their work during this time and to hold virtual meetings on Murias. It is envisaged that the NGO village will be a dynamic changing area of Murias with new content being uploaded on a regular basis. The current occupants of the NGO village are Amnesty Ireland, Cooperation IrelandAmawele, Camara,Trocaire and Eco Unesco

Visit Murias in Second Life.


The island of Murias in Second Life

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