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Toy Symphony




To date the project has focused on three related areas;

DrumSteps is a novel software tool for percussion composition which has been developed at CRITE. It exists as both a standalone application and a collaborative networked tool. A version of DrumpSteps is being hosted by the BBC. The collaborative version of the tool is currently being extending it to run on a public area wireless network in the Dublin City Centre area. DrumSteps is also to be included in the Intel Computer Clubhouse village in 2004, making the software available to children in 75 locations in 15 countries. A full description of the software, downloads and examples of childrens work may be found at the DrumSteps homepage.

This is a software environment for pitched composition developed in collaboration with Tod Machovers Hyperinstruments group at the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Mass. as part of the toy Symphony Project. Examples of childrens work may be found on the Hyperscore pages.

Both software applications have been the focus of in depth research work examining both childrens music cognition and teaching methodology appropriate to software artifacts of this type. The research model and theoretical principles underlying the work may be found on the research pages, while video clips of children and teachers working with the software are on the Video page.

Toy Symphony.
This is an international music learning and technology project based in the MIT Media Lab involving children, orchestras and soloists in the US, Ireland, the UK and Europe. CRITE personnel have been responsible for pedagogic and workshop design and implementation.

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Press: Toy Symphony Concert, The National Concert Hall, Dublin - Irish Times. Glasgow performance with the BBC.

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