The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to use the main tools of DrumSteps to create your own pieces. There are eight tutorials covering all you will need to get started.

Introducing DrumSteps gives a quick introduction to the DrumSteps interface (GUI).

  • Tutorial One: Using the Step tool shows you how to add steps to the grid.
  • Tutorial Two: Using the Ball tool describes how to add different balls to the grid.
  • Tutorial Three: Using the Ladder tool explains how to add different ladders to the grid.
  • Tutorial Four: Using the Cymbal tool will show you how to add a cymbal to a step.
  • Tutorial Five: Using the Wall tool shows how to add a wall to a step.
  • Tutorial Six: Using the Wormhole tool explains what wormholes are and how to use them.
  • Tutorial Seven: Using the Trapdoor tool describes Trapdoors and how to get them to open
  • Tutorial Eight: Using the Random Box tool gives a complet guide to using the random tool

There are other topics in the help covering other features like

DrumSteps launching in Irish schools in September 06


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