Musical Ideas and Suggestions




This section of the tutorial explains some musical ideas and shows you how to use them to make your own pieces in DrumSteps. Just click on a link to find out about each musical idea.

Basic Beats (1) Meter (4)
Basic Beats (2) Sounds (Timbre)
Rhythms (1) Syncopation (1)
Rhythms (2) Syncopation (2)
Repeating Patterns (1) Triplets
Repeating Patterns (2) Texture (1)
Meter (1) Texture (2)
Meter (2) Imitation
Meter (3) Randomness

For more advanced ideas and suggestions, click here.

Don't forget - there are no right or wrong answers in music. DrumSteps is about making percussion music that sounds good to you, so be creative. Experiment!!!

DrumSteps launching in Irish schools in September 06


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