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Kevin Jennings,
Department of Computer Science
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Kevin Jennings is a musician, teacher and music educator. He holds Bachelors degrees in Music Performance and Applied Physics from Trinity College Dublin, a Masters degree in Music Performance from the National University of Ireland and the Higher Diploma in Education also from TCD. He has studied classical guitar with John Feeley and Paul Gregory and conducting with Geoffrey Spratt. As a classical guitarist he has performed widely in both Ireland and Europe including solo recitals, chamber music and concerto performances and RTE television and radio broadcasts. He has over fifteen years experience in music education including a variety of school appointments both in Ireland and in the US, most recently as Head of Fine and Performing Arts, Holy Names High School, Oakland, California. He has worked with many childrens orchestras, choirs and other performing groups and has been extensively involved in childrens music theatre. He is currently the MediaLabEurope Research Fellow in music education technology at the Centre for Research in I.T. in Education (CRITE) at Trinity College Dublin and MediaLab Europe, investigating the application of technology to music learning and teaching.


MA, BMus, BSc, HdipEd.


Kevins research work is focused on the development and deployment of intuitive graphical interfaces to facilitate composing and listening activities for children in the 8-12 year age range.

He is also education co-coordinator for Tod Machovers Toy Symphony project (, an international project originated by the Hyperinstruments group at the MIT MediaLab, Cambridge, Massachusetts and involving children, orchestras and educators on three continents.


Journals and Conferences

Jennings, K. Music Technology in Irish Second Level Education - A Foobarian Approach. Journal of Music in Ireland. (pages in press) July/August 2004 (published: rtf pdf) | (unedited: rtf pdf)

Jennings, K. Computer-Mediated Music Composition - A Case Study. Special Issue of EIT (Education and Information Technologies) Learning with ICT for the 21st Century. (pages in press) 2004 rtf pdf

Farbood, M., Pazstor, E., Jennings, K. Hyperscore, A graphical Approach to Composing Music. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Special Issue on Emerging Technologies. (pages in press) January 2004 pdf

McCarthy, C., Bligh, J., Jennings, K., Tangney, B. Virtual Collaborative Learning Environments for Music: Networked Drumsteps. Computers & Education Volume 44, Issue 2. (pages 173-195) February 2005 rtf pdf

Jennings, K. Toy Symphony: An International Music Technology Project for Children. Music Education International, 2. (pages 3-21) 2003 pdf

Weinberg, G., Aimi, R., Jennings, K. The Beatbug Network. A Rhythmic System for Interdependent Group Collaboration. Proceedings of the 2002 Conference on New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME-02), Dublin, Ireland. May 2002 pdf

Jennings, K., Tangney, B. Drumsteps A Percussion MicroEnvironment. Proceedings of the Ninth International Technological Directions in Music Learning Conference (TDML), San Antonio, Texas. (pages 55-64) January 2002 rtf pdf

Selected Conference Presentations

Jennings, K. DrumSteps Case Studies in Percussion Composition.. InnoEd Conference - Dimensions of Flexibility and Creativity for Preferable Futures. Leeds July 2004

Jennings, K., Tangney B. Computer-Mediated Music Composition - A Case Study. IFIP Working Group 3.5, Learning for 21st century: What really matters? Budapest June 2004

McCarthy, C., Bligh, J., Jennings, K., Tangney, B. Virtual Collaborative Learning Environments for Music: Networked Drumsteps. Proceedings of the Computer Assisted Learning Conference (CAL), Belfast, UK. April 2003

Jennings, K., Tangney B. DrumSteps - A Percussion MicroEnvironment. Ninth International Technological Directions in Music LEarning Conference (TDML), San Antonio, Texas. Janyuary 2002

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