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Trinity College Dublin


Learning Online and in Virtual Worlds

This research programme focuses on the problem of how to leverage new and existing online community and virtual world technologies for learning. The rapid and pervasive rise in computer mediated communication and virtual world technologies, and a developmental shift in pedagogy away from the cognitive focus upon knowledge acquisition towards the recognition that learning is a social activity dependent upon interaction and participation, have provided the opportunity to create and investigate intentional online learning communities.  These communities harness the communicative capacities of the Internet in order to facilitate a social theory of learning. The key problems we are investigating centre on three key issues: pedagogy and design; evaluation and assessment; educator adoption.  [read more]

Maths and Mobile and Computer Supported Cooperative Learning (MCSCL)

Contextual Mathematics research is engaged in the development of a set of guidelines for the development of technology-mediated, contextual activities, resonant with a view of mathematics as both a problem-solving activity and of mathematics education as involving students in constructing their knowledge via the formulation and solution of problems. 

MobiMaths is creating middleware for MCSCL applications and a suite of tools to support the use of smartphones in the collaboarative and contextualised teaching and learning of mathematics.  

MathBlocker is a tool for parents to exert control over teenage home digital devices by making the teenager earn their time online doing educational challenges.

MATHPLAY: A collection of min-games for learing maths.  Check out the intro video.

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Supports for Novice Researchers

CAWriter is looking at providing  tools to support Ph.D. students and other novice researchers with early stage research processes, such as literature review, conceptual frameworks and getting started with thesis writing.  [read more]

Technology Mediated Group Learning in Informal and Formal Settings

We are looking at new models for learning which both leverage of the affordance of technology yet meet the demands being placed upon learning by society in terms of promoting teamwork, collaboration and critical thinking. [read more]


Other (Previous) Projects

DRUMSTEPS:  a graphical tool for music compostion.
: a simple to use web based tool for creating animantions.
:  provides a public visual space in which passers-by can express themselves through threaded conversations containing SMS messages, graphics, photos and animations sent from their mobile devices.
FADA: a tool for the visualistion of distributed computing algorithms.
SMART: a tool for stop motion animation on mobile phones.
PACT: an intelligent tutoring system for home tutoring of maths and music.
EDUCE: an intelligent tutoring system based on multiple intelligences.