Past Maths projects

Mobi Maths

The de-contextualised nature of much maths education is a well known issue and collaborative learning activities offer an opportunity to address this by scaffolding learning scenarios which will allow students to engage with the process of thinking mathematically through real world problem solving. This research is concerned with leveraging off the affordances of smart phones and appropriate pedagogies to create a suite of software tools and learning scenarios for the teaching and learning of mathematics. The research is proceeding by firstly describing the affordances of smart phones and then systematically reviewing a maths curriculum (in our case the USA NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and the Curriculum Focal Points ) to identify how activities based around those affordances can be developed in each of the main areas of the curriculum. A layer of communication middle-ware is being developed to allow seamless communication between mobile devices and PCs across a variety of changing communication networks. A suite of applications is being designed to support learning activities arising from the analysis of curriculum and smart phone affordances mentioned above. The trust of the research is not to produce a neatly packaged set of tools to deliver maths content but rather to create an open ended toolkit which will allow purposeful and engaging learning activities to be designed which will act as the springboard for deep engagement with key mathematical skills.

This work is funded by the Irish National Digital Research Centre and is being carried out in collaboration with the NDRC and Stefan Weber from the Distributed Systems Group in TCD.

People:  Stefan Weber; Brendan Tangney.

Publications    Tangney B.Weber S.O’Hanlon P.Knowles D.Munnelly J.Salkham A., et al. (2010).  MobiMaths: An approach to utilising smartphones in teaching mathematicsMlearn2010 - 9th world conference on mobile and contextual learning. 9-16.

Tangney B.Knox S.Sharpe G.Oldham S.Weber S.Soloway S., et al. (2009).  Towards the use of Smartphones for the contextualized teaching of mathematicsSTELLAR Alpine Rendez-Vous Workshop - Education in the wild: contextual and location-based mobile learning in action. 13-17 



MathBlocker is a tool for parents to exert control over teenage home digital devices by making the teenager earn their time online doing educational challenges.

People:  Stephen Barrett ; Brendan Tangney; Barry Rafferty; Jeff Warren.



MATHPLAY: A collection of min-games for learing maths.  Check out the intro video.

People:  Brendan Tangney; Daniel O'Byrne.