Supports for Novice Researchers

Supporting Creative Collaboration in Research 

The focus is on providing a writing assistant tool for researchers as this is a major part of any academic work. It takes a non linear approach to writing, where the author is free to connect ideas and lay them out in a manner that makes sense to themselves. These ideas can then be but into a hierachy in order to create the document structure and output the basic document. see site for more details [CAWriter]

This will be conducted using a Participatory Action Research approach, utilising Participatory and User Centered Design models.

People: Jake Byrne, Brendan Tangney


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Byrne, J. R., & B. Tangney (2010).  CAWriter: A CSCW/CSCL Tool to Support Research Students’ Academic Writing. Proceedings of the BCS HCI2010 Conference. 458-462.