Jake Rowan Byrne

 Jake Rowan Byrne - Programme Manager of the Bridge21 CS-STEM WorkshopsJake Rowan Byrne

Oriel House
School of Computer Science and Statistics
Trinity College Dublin
Email: byrnejr[at]tcd[dot]ie

Work Website: http://bridge21.ie

Research Website: http://blake.cs.tcd.ie

Personal Website: http://www.jakebyrne.com



BEng(Hons) Mechatronic Engineering [Dublin City University] 

MSc Technology and Learning [Trinity College, University of Dublin]

PhD Human-Computer interaction [Trinity College, University of Dublin]


Areas of interest: Learning, Creativity, Transdisciplinarity, Human-Computer Interaction, Research Skills, Mobile Technology, Ubiquitous Computing, CSCL, CSCW, Participatory Design

During my Ph.D. I looked at using mobile and ubiquitous computing technologies to help support creative collaboration through a Human-Computer Interaction perspective. The context looks at PhD supervisions, planning and management.

The  focus was on providing a writing assistant tool, CAWriter (Cognitive Apprenticeship Writer or Cognitive Assitant Writer), for novice researchers, as writing is a major part of any academic work. It takes a non linear approach to writing, where the author is free to connect ideas and lay them out in a manner that makes sense to themselves. These ideas can then be put into a tree hierarchy in order to create a document structure and output a basic draft document. See site for more details [CAWriter]

This was conducted using a Participatory Action Research approach, utilising a User Centered/Participatory Design model.



Module Design and Delivery (Lecturing/Facilitation):

Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning (School of Education):


  • Digital Media Literacy and 21st Century Learning  (TA21-Mod-1)
  • Problem Solving in the 21st Century (TA21-Mod-2)
  • Introduction to Programming through Animation (TA21-Mod-3)
  • Intermediate Programming through Game Design (TA21-Mod-4)
  • Intermediate Programming: Exploring Computer Systems (TA21-Mod-5)
  • Advanced Programming (TA21-Mod-6)




CS Transition Year Workshop in Collaboration with the Bridge to College program (B2C)

CS1013 - Programming Project (Aim: build a game using Processing.org)

2E9/2E10 - Buggy Project (Aim: Use an XBee module to wirelessly control a buggy around a track)



 "meta-project" thesis for 1st year Technology and Learning Masters Students. [2008-2009, 2010-2011  & 2011-2012]

Masters Thesis Technology and Learning  [2013-2014]



Mentoring at the Bridge to College program (B2C) [2007-2012]


Teacher Experiences of Learning Computing using a 21st Century Model of Computer Science Continuing Professional DevelopmentFisher, LorraineByrne J. R., and Tangney B. , 8th International Conference on Computer Supported EducationProceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Rome, Italy, p.273 - 280, (2016)  
CAWriter:Byrne, J. R. , University of Dublin, Trinity College, 02/2014, Volume Doctor of Philosophy, p.218, (2014)  
“CAWriter” a Computer Supported Collaborative Tool to Support Doctoral Candidates Academic Writing: A Pedagogical and Human-Computer Interaction PerspectiveByrne, J. R., and Tangney B. , Collaborative and Distributed E-Research: Innovations in Technologies, Strategies and Applications., Hershey, USA , p.181-205, (2012)  


CAWriter: A CSCW/CSCL Tool to Support Research Students’ Academic WritingByrne, J. R., and Tangney B. , Proceedings of the BCS HCI2010 Conference, Dundee, Scotland, p.458-462, (2010)