The Computer Architecture and Grid Research Group in Trinity College Dublin performs research across a broad spectrum of topics in the field of computer architecture. In each area, knowledge of hardware and software is combined to analyse complex systems and develop innovative solutions to problems.

Our current research includes topics as diverse as clustering, metacomputing, reconfigurable hardware, virtual machines, compiler optimisation, multimedia servers and integrated PC/TV systems.

Our group is also responsible for running the Grid-Ireland Operations Centre, which manages the infrastructure for the national computational Grid for Ireland.

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Research Areas

Parallelism, Metacomputing & Clustering

Clusters, grids and interconnects.

Reconfigurable Hardware

Applications utilising and tools for the hardware compilation to FPGAs.

JVM Architecture

Performance measurement and analysis of Java virtual machine architectures.

Multimedia Systems

Projects involving the development of integrated PC/TV systems and the design of scalable multimedia servers.

Real-Time Computing

A real-time computer cluster is currently under development.


Development of fault-tolerant microprocessor and storage systems.

Compiler Optimisation

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Teaching Initiatives

Tools to aid teaching of computer architecture and computer science in general.

Performance Measurement and Analysis

The development of techniques for performance measurement and analysis is a common theme in much of our work.

Recent News and Highlights

In September, 2007, the HEA approved funding to the consortium of Irish universities and research institutes led by DIAS for the e-INIS project to create a coordinated Irish e-infrastructure. CAG will oversee all the Grid aspects of the infrastructure, and will assist HEAnet in implementing federated identity middleware.
HEA Equipment Grant
In September, 2007, the HEA approved funding for CAG to replace their end-of-life compute cluster with 96 dual quad-core compute servers.
The Computer Architecture Group have been invited to participate in the International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education (ICEAGE). CAG are contributing to ICEAGE policy development in the area of Grid computing through membership of the ICEAGE forum and the OGF Education and Training Community Group.
How to join the virtual revolution
For cost-effective computing it's hard to beat virtual machines. Stephen Childs and Brian Coghlan from Trinity College Dublin describe the solution offered by Grid-Ireland. (CERN Courier, June 2006) read article...
TCD Computers Come Together to Fight Avian Flu
During Apil, computers in Ireland have been working overtime in the fight against avian flu. As part of an international collaboration, computers at Trinity College Dublin have put in 6.7 thousand hours of time searching for possible drug components against the avian flu virus H5N1. more...
In December, 2005, the EU approved funding to the consortium of 13 partners of the project to create a European interactive grid. TCD will engage in the creation of the new infrastructure, and will also lead the effort on active security.
In December, 2005, the EU approved funding to a consortium of 91 partners, including partners in Russia and America, for the 2nd phase of the project to create the pan-European production grid. TCD is the Regional Operating Centre for Ireland and will further investigate security and deployment issues.
SFI Basic Research Grant
In July 2004, SFI awarded Michael Manzke of the CAG, Dr Carol O’Sullivan of the ISG and Dr Anil Kokaram of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department a Basic Research Grant. As principal investigator, Dr Carol O’Sullivan leads this research effort that investigates a Shared-Memory Hybrid Graphics Cluster for Visualisation and Video Processing.
In Ocober, 2003, a proposal was submitted to EU FP6 by European NRNs to investigate advanced national network management and protocols. TCD is a subcontractor to HEAnet regarding grid implications.
In October, 2003, the EU approved funding to a consortium of 70 partners, including partners in Russia and America, to create THE pan-European production grid. TCD will be the Regional Operating Centre for Ireland and will further investigate security issues.
In September, 2003, SFI approved a coordinated triple of SFI investigator awards to John Morrison at UCC, Brian Coghlan at TCD and Andy Shearer at NUIG to create a condensed graph grid engine that exploits laziness and speculation and is compatible with and uses traditional grids.

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