Quantifier Modification

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Lecturers: Nouwen and Dotlacil
Type: Workshop
Section: Logic and Language
Week: TBA
Time: TBA


From the eighties onwards, logicians and linguists have studied the properties of quantifying expressions by assigning them generalised quantifier meanings. While this line of research has been successful in isolating formal generalisations about the expression of quantity, it has ignored the internal composition of complex quantifiers. Recently, this has changed, mostly thanks to studies of modifiers like those applying to numerals (comparatives, prepositions), approximatives, except phrases. With this workshop we wish to bring together analyses of such modificational structures within quantifiers as well as studies that focus on the cross-categorial application of modifiers. This bring up questions like: Is it tenable to retain a single analysis for any modifier? What are the restrictions on the combinations of quantifiers and modifiers? Is there cross-linguistic variation w.r.t. these restrictions? What is the categorial status of a modified quantifier? The general aim is to bring together researchers of different fields (syntax, semantics, logic) and thereby deepen our understanding of the role of modification within the internal structure of quantifiers.

This is the timetable
Monday 13-08
Rick Nouwen and Jakub Dotlacil Introduction to the workshop topic
Mana Kobuchi-PhilipModifier Quantification
Tuesday 14-08
Marcello Ferreira Comparative quantifiers and cumulativity
Stephanie SoltFew more and many fewer: complex quantifiers based on many and few
Wednesday 15-08
Alda Mari Strenghtening GEN: semantic conditions for a posteriori analytic genericity
Fabienne MartinMore on specific modifiers
Thursday 16-08
Aystein Nilsen At least: free choice and lowest utility
Jacques Jayez and Lucia TovenaDiscourse inference and the meaning of almost
Friday 17-08
Bart Geurts Processing scalar quantifiers
Jorie Koster-Moeller, Jason Varvoutis, and Martin HacklVerifying statements containing modified numeral quantifiers
Alternate Speaker
Robert CirilloThe phrase 'all three': modified quantifier or indivisible compound?