First week.
6–10 August.
Monday, 6th
Suzan Verberne Evaluating Answer Extraction for Why-QA using RST-annotated Wikipedia texts.
Ekaterina Lapshinova Extracting Predicates Subcategorizing for Wh-Clauses: an Architecture for a Semi-automatic System.
Tuesday, 7th
Kevin Demiddele No future Adams pairs: applying the global/local conditional probability distinction.
Yusuke Kubota, E. Allyn Smith A Multi-Modal Combinatory Categorial Grammar Analysis of Japanese Nonconstituent Clefting.
Wednesday, 8th
Poster sesson.
Thursday, 9th
Thomas Icard Towards An Alternative Proof of Solovay's Arithmetical Completeness Theorem.
Simone Bova A Bottom-Up Algorithm for t-Tautologies.
Friday, 10th
Øistein E. Andersen Grammatical error detection using corpora and supervised learning
Voula Gotsoulia Foundations of Semantic Role Annotation: An Entailment-based Annotation Scheme.
Second week.
13–17 August.
Monday, 13th
Bert Le Bruyn Partitivity in natural language.
Eleni Kalyvianaki Factual Content in Algorithmic Natural Language Semantics.
Tuesday, 14th
Andrew Gargett An Incremental Model of Fragments in Dialogue.
Olga Pustylnikov Guessing Text Type by Structure.
Wednesday, 15th
Camilo Thorne Managing Structured Data with Controlled English and Description Logics.
Nicolas Troquard Some clarifications in logics of agency.
Thursday, 16th
Sabine Gründer Aspectual Shift via Supervaluation.
Márta Peredy Obligatory adjuncts in weak accomplishments.
Friday, 17th
Closing session.