Prof.  Vincent P. Wade  BSc., MSc., MA., PhD., FTCD


Vincent holds the position of Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. Having graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science in 1988, he completed his postgraduate studies (MSc & PhD) in Trinity College Dublin.


Vincent is Director of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory. This newly formed Laboratory is a cluster of research groups including the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group, the Graphic Vision and Visualisation Group, the Computational Linguistics Group and the Artificial Intelligence Group as well as the Centre for Health Informatics. The Laboratory comprises over twenty one academic staff and over seventy researchers and PhD students.


Vincent is also Deputy Director of the newly formed SFI Centre for Next Generational Localisation and Personalisation (CNGL). This multi university research centre

is focused on the research and development of innovative digital content management and localization. In the CNGL, Vincent leads the research team in Digital Content Management involving dynamic personalization, composition, annotation, content slicing and query adaptation of open and closed corpus on the WWW.


Vincent’s research focuses on knowledge engineering for adaptive (web) systems research and personalization. Vincent’s research is being successfully applied in three application areas, namely Telecommunications & Service Management, adaptive eLearning and Web applications. He was awarded Fellowship of Trinity College for his contribution to research and has published over one hundred and fifty scientific papers in international journals and conferences of repute. Vincent also holds the position as Visiting Scientist at  IBM’s Centre for Advanced Studies in Ireland (2006 to date). 


Vincent is associate editor of IEEE Transaction of Learning Technology which is the flagship IEEE journal in ground breaking technology enhanced learning. Vincent has won six ‘best paper’ awards and international peer-reviewed conferences organised by international scientific bodies such as IEEE, ACM and AACE.


Since December 2005 Vincent has been the Chairman of the National Digital Learning Repository. This HEA sponsored project has developed and is piloting a national repository of digital teaching and learning resources for third and fourth level universities. The NDLR has a partnership including all 7 Irish universities, 14 Institutes of technology and all of their associated teaching colleges.


From 1995 to 2007 Vincent led the Knowledge and Data Engineering Research Group. In this period the research group grew to eight academics and over  thirty-five postgrads and research fellows, with extensive yearly publications in IEEE, ACM and professional journals (Springer, Butterworth, Elsevier, IOS etc.).


In 1998, Vincent also founded the Centre for Learning Technology (CLT). CLT is responsible for strategic planning and operation of College’s eLearning strategy. CLT currently supports over 15,000 online students and over 350 blended eLearning courses. In 2003 CLT became part of Trinity Colleges 'Centre for Academic Practice and Student Learning’ which for which he was appointed Director (2004/5).  He is Research Officer for the Irish Learning Technologies Association (ILTA).



Research Activities


Vincent’s specific research activities include control and management systems for networks and distributed systems, adaptive systems distributed information systems, systems interoperability and next generation eLlearning services.  Since 1991, Vincent has been Trinity College’s principle investigator for over ten EU research projects under the EU  RACE, Telematics,  ESPRIT, ACTS, and IST research programmes. These projects  included ADVANCE (1988-93), Guideline (1988-1993), Dessert (1993-1996), OpenLabs (1993-1996), PROSPECT (1995-2000), FlowThru (1998-2000), Virtues (1997-2000), Gestalt (1998-2000), FORM (2000-2002),and  Easel (2000-2002), From 1991-1993 Vincent led the EU research initiative to design distributed management platforms for future broadband telecommunication systems (Telecommunication Computer Platform Task Force). This resulted in key input into emerging telecommunications fora and standardisation.   Vincent is principle investigator for the HEA sponsored M-ZONES project (2002-2006) in which he is researching innovative dynamically adaptive  techniques for managing smart space application services and infrastructure. Also Vincent is principle investigator for EU FP6 Integrated Project called iClass which will research intelligent adaptive cognitive-based open learning systems and service framework.


From 1998-2000 Vincent led the European Research initiative to establish guidelines for the development of next generation telecommunications management systems. These guidelines, for which he was editor and principle contributor, were chosen by the EU ACTS research programme as one of the key research results from the programme. These development guidelines were successfully disseminated into several standards and industry fora including ISO and Network Management Forum.


He has also led industry sponsored research into management systems and knowledge engineering. Such collaborations included telecom operators, network vendors as well as management component developers, e.g. Intel, Eircom (formerly Telecom Eireann),  Broadcom Research Ltd  (in conjunction with Ericsson and Telecom Eireann), Virtual Access Ltd. He was a founding member and member of the steering committee of the TeleManagement Forum’s University Programme



Research Publications & Presentations


He is author of over one hundred and fifty scientific papers in peer reviewed research journals and international conference and has received six ‘best paper’ awards for his publications in IEEE, IFIP and AACE Conferences in the last ten years. He has also contributed to two books – ‘’Managing Virtual Web Organisations in the 21st Centuary: Issues and Challenges (IDEA Group Publishing) and  ‘The Management of Telecommunications Networks’ (Ellis Horwood). He was guest editor of ‘IEEE Internet Computing’ May/June edition 2007 and editor of ‘Pervasive Computing and Communications on “Pervasive Management” (JPCC).


He was Conference Co-Chair for ACM’s Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web Systems Conference in Dublin June 2006. He was guest editor of ‘Network Interoperability Journal’, published by Baltzer scientific publications.  He held the position of editor for the Integrated Services and Networks (IS&N) conferences series (Communications section) for the period 1997-1999.  He was primary contributor and editor of two European Union Guidelines on the development of Telecommunications Management Systems.


He is a member of the scientific boards of many IEEE International conferences in the area of Telecommunication and Distributed Systems Management including the NOMS and IM conference series as well as IEEE Communications and Networks Journals. He has chaired and organized workshops, panels and round table events at such international conferences series  as IEEE IM, IEEE NOMS, ACM OOPSLA, IFIP/IEEE IS&N.  Vincent is also a frequent guest speaker at international conferences and symposia. He is a member of the standards development groups in the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and TM Forum.


In the area of eLearning, Vincent has served on the scientific programme committee for AACE’s EdMedia and ELearn Conference series as well as acting as a reviewer for many of their journals. Vincent was also a member of the programme committee for WWW Conference Service organized by W3C, with particular responsibility for the educational technology track.


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Research Supervision

Completed PhD Postgraduate Students:            Completed MSc Postgraduate Students (exclusively by research)        Current PhD Students:

Karl Quinn (2007)                                               Gordon Power (2005)                                                                              Aoife Brady      

Anthony O Donnell (2007)                                   Thomas Knape  (2005)                                                                           Liam Browne

Declan Dagger (2006)                                         Brian Cullen (2004)                                                                                 Aidan Boran

Declan  O Sullivan (2006)                                    Mark Gargan  (2004)                                                                              Kevin Carey

Marcus O Connell (2006)                                    John Fuller  (2001)                                                                                 Kevin Feeney

Richard Pawson (2004)                                       Mary Lyng (2000)                                                                                   Conor Gaffney   

Owen Conlan (2004)                                           Andrew Nolan (2000)                                                                              Seamus Lawless

Cliff Redmond (2000)                                          Conor Power (1999)                                                                                Alex O Connor

Sinead Muldowney  (1999)                                                                      Ian O Keeffe

Ian Corcoran  (1998)                                                                               Eddie Walsh