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Professor Tim Savage - Technology and Learning in Higher Education


Technology and Learning in Higher Education

The digital age has brought with it a range of technologies, media capabilities and new ways of communicating. My research looks at how these developments can enhance higher education teaching and learning. It avoids a techno-centric view, rather focussing on the meaningful application of technology where appropriate and useful to the student learning experience.

My research recognises that the learners we work with have changed; they are elearners before they enter through our gates. It also recognises that society has changed and we need to be constantly reviewing what we teach and how we teach in the light of a rapidly changing society.

    Specific areas of interest:
  • Educational innovation and technology integration
  • Flipped and blended classroom models
  • The online student experience
  • MOOCs and their integration into Higher Education

Digital Scholarship

This research strand seeks to understand the impact of digital technologies and social media on academics and their practice of discovery, teaching and service. As such it takes a broader perspective on the role of technology than just on teaching and learning.


For up to date publications lists, citation counts etc., see Google Scholar.