Temporality and Discourse Context: Dynamic and Modal Approaches

Dundee, Scotland
30 July 2001

A workshop co-located with CONTEXT '01 (27-30 July)

From Roger Young (Local Arrangements Chair) : There is a 15 pound workshop-only registration option on the electronic registration form. This applies to residential registrees (who book for Sunday night and all meals Monday). Those coming
to the workshop alone will need to pay the 20 pound local registration fee (choosing the UK as their country, but putting
down their true address in the address box).

Tentative Schedule

10:25-11:25 Keynote Address: Mark Steedman (Edinburgh) The Productions of Time: Causality in Natural Language Tense and Aspect
11:30-12:15 Cleo Condoravdi (Xerox PARC and Stanford) Will
12:15-1:30 L U N C H
1:30-2:15 Alice ter Meulen and Hans Smessaert
(Groningen and Leuven)
Dynamic Temporal Reasoning with Aspectual Adverbs
2:15-3:00 Martin Emms (Dublin) A Realist Semantics of Verb Collocations
3:00-3:15 B r e a k
3:15-4:00 Douglas Wulf (Washington/Seattle) Semantic Course Corrections and Temporality in Discourse
4:00-4:45 Jason Mattausch (Berlin) On the Semantics and Pragmatics of
the Pluperfect
4:45-5:00 B r e a k
5:00-6:00 Closing Address: Rich Thomason (Michigan) Ability, Action and Context

The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for recent work on aspect, tense, and causality, and their relation to discourse context, conceived locally and globally. Reports are particularly encouraged of formal approaches from dynamic and modal perspectives that have proved useful in discourse-level semantics (information and discourse structure) and temporal semantic analyses of verbs, adverbs, nouns, quantification and intensionality. Logical and computational investigations of the role notions of event[uality] and/or situation play in shaping context (and interpretation) are solicited. We envisage a meeting of linguists, philosophers and cognitive/computer scientists working on planning, formalization of dialogue, knowledge representation, AI and computational applications. A special issue of Language and Computation is projected, based on the workshop.

Programme Committee

Dorit Abusch, Cornell Alex Lascarides, Edinburgh
David Beaver, Stanford Leora Morgenstern, New York
Patrick Blackburn, Nancy Mark Steedman, Edinburgh
Tim Fernando (organizer), Dublin Rich Thomason, Michigan
Ruth Kempson, London Bonnie Webber, Edinburgh

Email workshop inquiries to Tim.Fernando@tcd.ie.

1-4 August, in Edinburgh: 23rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

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