Barwise and Situation Semantics

Stanford, California
Thursday, 26 June 2003

A workshop co-located with CONTEXT '03

The late Jon Barwise was, among many other things, the first director of the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford. His book with John Perry, Situations and Attitudes, appeared some twenty years ago (in 1983), launching situation semantics, a semantic framework that analyzes context in terms of situations.

This workshop provides a forum for works addressing the following question: What problems, issues and/or insights connected with situation semantics and Barwise motivate your research today? And how?

A special issue of Research on Language and Computation and/or Journal of Applied Logic is projected, based on the workshop.

Attending the workshop?

The workshop registration fee is 35$.

Anyone interested in attending the workshop is asked to email (to give us an idea of the numbers to expect).

Tentative Schedule (Cordura 100, CSLI)

9:15-10:15 Opening Address: John Perry (Stanford) Misplacing Information
10:15-10:55 Sun-Joo Shin (Yale) Diagrams and a Theory of Seeing
10:55-11:10 B r e a k
11:10-11:50 Robin Cooper (Gothenburg) Austinian truth in Martin-Lof type theory
11:50-12:30 Jonathan Ginzburg (London) Situation Semantics: the ontological balance sheet
12:30-1:30 L U N C H
1:30-2:10 Alice ter Meulen (Groningen) Naturalized facts for counterfactuals
2:10-2:50 Sheila Glasbey & John Barnden (Birmingham) "In the murky depths of my mind": Towards a Situation-Based Discourse Semantics for Metaphor
2:50-3:05 B r e a k
3:05-3:45 Satoshi Tojo & Ken Kaneiwa (Japan) Toward a proper semantics for the logic of occurrence
3:45-4:25 I. Emre Sahin & Varol Akman (Bilkent) In search of intended meaning: Investigating Barwise's equation C_R(S,c)=P
4:25-4:40 B r e a k
4:40-5:40 Closing Address:Keith Devlin (Stanford) Extending Barwise and Perry's Relational Theory of Meaning

Programme Committee

Varol Akman, Bilkent Jonathan Ginzburg, London
Keith Devlin, Stanford Alice ter Meulen, Groningen
Tim Fernando, Dublin Jerry Seligman, Auckland

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