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Research Students

Current students

  • Jose Monreal Bailey: Age-Friendly Urban Traffic Management
  • Evelyn Nomayo: Quality of Service in Edge Computing
  • Ke Zhang: Quality of Service and the Internet of Things

Previous students

  • Fan Li, PhD (2020): iNegotiate: A Distributed SLA Negotiation System for Dynamic IoT Environments
  • Gary White, PhD (2020): Monitoring & Predicting QoS in IoT Services
  • Dr. Christian Cabrera, PhD (2020): uDiscovery: An Urban-Centric Model for Service Discovery in Smart Cities
  • Dr. Jessica McCarthy, PhD (2019): An Information-Centric Approach to QoS in a Highly Dynamic Edge Environment
  • Dr. Andrei Palade, PhD (2019): Stigmergic QoS Optimisation for Flexible Service Composition in Mobile Environments
  • Dr. Fatemeh Golpayegani, PhD (2018): Collaboration Community Formation in Open Systems for Agents with Multiple Goals, co-supervisor, Dr. Ivana Dusparic
  • Dr. Nanxi Chen, Ph.D. (2016): Goal-driven service composition in mobile, pervasive environments.
  • Dr. Andrei Marinescu, Ph.D. (2016): Prediction-based multi-agent reinforcement learning in inherently non-stationary environments, co-supervisor, Dr. Ivana Dusparic
  • Dr. Adam Taylor, Ph.D. (2016): Parallel Transfer Learning: Accelerating Reinforcement Learning in Multi-Agent Systems, co-supervisor, Dr. Ivana Dusparic
  • Dr. Eamonn O'Toole, Ph.D. (2016): Decentralised detection of emergence in complex, adaptive systems
  • Dr. Saeed Hajebi, Ph.D. (2016): Water Distributed Network Sectorisation, co-supervisor, Stephen Barrett
  • Dr. Amit Raj, Ph.D. (2016): Fault localisation in distributed adaptive systems, co-supervisor, Stephen Barrett
  • Dr. Christin Groba, Ph.D. (2013): Opportunistic service composition in dynamic, ad-hoc environments
  • Dr. Mike Spence, Ph.D. (2011): Improving application behaviour with other users' information
  • Dr. Shane Brennan, Ph.D. (2010): Reactive Execution-Time Forecasting of Dynamically Adaptable Software
  • Dr. Serena Fritsch, Ph.D. (2010): A time-adaptive model for dynamic reconfiguration of embedded systems
  • Dr. Jenny Munnelly, Ph.D. (2009): Domain-specific aspect-oriented programming for ubiquitous computing
  • Dr. Andrew Jackson, Ph.D. (2009): Quantifying the testability of aspect-oriented decompositions
  • Dr. Daire O'Broin, Ph.D. (2008): A framework for mobile, context-aware flow applications
  • Dr. Shiu Lun Tsang, Ph.D. (2008): Supporting personalised recommendations in context-aware applications
  • Dr. Eamonn Linehan, Ph.D. (2008): A model for mobile, spatial services
  • Dr. Cormac Driver, Ph.D. (2007): A software framework for mobile, context-aware trails-based applications
  • Dr. Andronikos Nedos, Ph.D. (2006): Service-oriented architectures for mobile, ad hoc networks
  • Dr. Kulpreet Singh, Ph.D. (2006): Reliable group communications in mobile, ad hoc networks
  • Dawei Yang, M.Sc. (by research) under examination: Model-driven development of smart-vehicle applications
  • Ryan Van Roode, M.Sc. (by research) 2005: AspectSQL: Aspect-Oriented Separation of Concerns in Relational Databases
  • Paddy Fahy, M.Sc. (by research) 2004: CASS: A Context-Awareness Support Service
  • Rich Greenane, M.Sc. (by research) 2002: Managing Interactions in Smart Environments

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