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Research Projects

Current Projects

Project Funded by End date
DIVERSIFY: Ecology-inspired software diversity for distributed adaptation in collaborative adaptive systems EU Framework 7 2016
Biodiversity is essential for the robustness and adaptability of ecological systems. Similarly, multiple theoretical and experimental scientific results emphasize the need for high levels of diversity for the wealth of other forms of complex systems (e.g., economy or social communities). DIVERSIFY explores ecological notions of diversity as the foundation for a holistic software design principle and increased adaptive capacities in collaborative, adaptive systems (CAS). In Trinity, we are investigating software diversity synthesis and adaptation, leveraging model-driven approaches to deal with the heterogeneity of entities in CASs.

Project Funded by End date
TRANSFoRm. Translational Research and Patient Safety in Europe EU Framework 7 2015
TRANSFoRm is developing ICT concepts and tools for the interoperability of health record data from Primary Care and research data (clinical trials), including identification of suitable subjects for research, management of standardised data elements and forms, and support for both research and patient care. In Trinity, we are providing the ICT infrastructure for such Europe-wide queries, in particular, the middleware.

Project Funded by End date
Lero: The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre Science Foundation Ireland 2016
Lero is an SFI CSET (Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology). The Centre is a collaboration between a number of Irish Universities and companies and is charged with "advancing the state of the art in strategic software engineering for Evolving Critical Systems". Here at Trinity College, we are focused on investigating the issues relating to dynamic adaptation and self-management of urban-scale software.

Project Funded by End date
Slice-Oriented Programming for Timely, Dynamic Service-Oriented Composition Science Foundation Ireland 2015
This project is investigating a "slice-oriented" modelling approach that combines and extends domain-specific, aspect-oriented and service-oriented modelling decomposition (and composition) techniques to achieve fine-grained service slice specifications that address different concerns (including quality of service and crosscutting concerns). Adaptation requirements and quality of service constraints such as timeliness are abstracted to first-class entities to support adaptation at runtime.

Previous Projects

Project Funded by End date
ALIVE EU Framework 7 2010
Uile: Domain-Specific Aspect-Oriented Programming for Ubiquitous Computing Science Foundation Ireland 2008
Hermes: A Software Framework for Mobile, Context-Aware Applications Development Intel Corporation and IRCSET Embark Initiative 2008
AOSD-Europe Network of Excellence EU Framework 6 2008
Service management in mobile ad hoc networks Enterprise Ireland 2005
Carmen: Context-Aware Multimedia Environment for Narrative Higher Education Authority 2005
Global Smart Spaces (GloSS) EU FET Framework 5 2003

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