Projects & Dissertations

I supervise projects related to the Statistics modules I teach, as well as on topics in my research areas. All these topics listed below overlap heavily, and all are available to all students independently of their course (e.g. Math, CS, Eng). For instance the topic 'deep learning' can be investigated from a Math and Stats perspectives, as well as a Computer Science and Engineering perspective (e.g. as part of applications in Computer vision or audio processing).

Keywords (click to expand):

Statistics... Keywords: Stochastic processes in space and time, Qgis, time series analysis, R,
Mathematics ... Keywords: Optimal transport, copulas, radon transform, information theory, information geometry,...
Artificial Intelligence, Graph Neural Networks & Machine Learning ... Keywords: deep learning, support vector machines,...
Computer Vision & pattern recognition ... Keywords: Colour transfer, image processing, object detection, 3D reconstruction from multiple views, shape registration,...
Signal Processing ... Keywords: source separation, audio processing, social media data analysis, data synthesis, Independent Component Analysis, ...
Visualization & Computer Graphics... 3D cities, Lidar data, material rendering, 3D data semantic segmentation game engine (unity, unreal), pedestrian modelling,...
Quantum computing... Some development kits seem to be now available for quantum computing (see Microsoft quantum development kit) - I ll be interested in investigating this for AI or Computer Vision and Graphics applications for instance. See also Introduction to Quantum Information Science Lecture Notes by Scott Aaronson, and Quantum Computer Programming course at Stanford.

Below examples of works or datasets I would be interested to investigate as student projects (FYP or MSc):

Supervisions 2020-21

  1. Daniel Kieran (MAI 2020-21), Text mining and machine learning with arxiv dataset
  2. Douglas Boyd Crotty (FYP Maths 2020-21), Graph Neural Networks
  3. Oisin McEnroe (FYP Maths 2020-21), Quaternions and Octonions for AI
  4. Aaryaman Saini (FYP Computer Eng. 2020-21), Computer Vision / Graph Neural Networks on iOS App
  5. Anurag Janghala (FYP BAI (D) 2020-21), Lip reading, face gestures, Computer Vision, deep learning

Examples of topics and applications

Optimal Transport

Visual localization

Past final year projects...
  1. Nicolas Digraci (2002-03), Impulsive audio event detection for video retrieval using Support Vector Machines
  2. Deirdre O'Regan (2004-05) Automated Face Detection in Image Sequences, awarded Siemes special merit prize 2005
  3. Patrick Kelly (2005-06) Indexing and Retrieving Photos in Personal Digital Collections
  4. Dermot Hayes-McCoy (2006-07) Evolutionary algorithms
  5. Conor Kelly (2006-07) Live Music Analysis
  6. Conor Devitt (2006-07) Improving Film Dubbing
  7. Sean Bruton (2007-08) Motion restoration in colonoscopy videos
  8. Eoghan Cunneen (2007-08) Music and Graphics
  9. Conor Hanratty (2007-08) Improving Film Dubbing
  10. Hugh Nowlan (2008-09) The Mouse of the Jedi
  11. Damien Toussain (2008-09) Make a wish foundation Ireland
  12. Declan O'Mahony (2008-09) Using prediction methods to investigate betting opportunities in Gaelic Football
  13. Lynda Rice (2009-10) Investigate the value of personal experience over career profiles when students come to choose their preferred job
  14. Sean Gallagher (2009-10) Online booking system for Network Access Clinic attendance
  15. Neil Brett (2010-11) Neptune website
  16. Keeva Bolger (2010-11) Customer Order Database
  17. Samuel Davies (2010-11) Copula and applications to Finance
  18. Timothy Costigan (2011-12) 3D model carving with Kinect
  19. Caoimhe Adams (2011-12) Spectral Analysis for Time Series
  20. Louis Jamieson (2011-12) Stochastic Processes and Their usage in Finance
  21. Aldeyar Seidali (2011-12) Extend Functionality of CiviCRM
  22. Gavin O'Doherty (2012-13) Arocar Development of Language Workbench
  23. Suzanne Thompson (2012-13) IGG Camp Management Mgt Infrastructure
  24. Rory Nolan (2013-14) Robust Regression with L2E
  25. Dearbhaile Flinn (2013-14) Generalised Linear Models
  26. Daniel Kestell (2013-14) Measuring the spin of a moving ball using Kinect
  27. Darragh Cunningham (2013-14) Eye tracking using a webcam
  28. Orme de Saint Hilaire (2013-14) Start-up performance generation
  29. Donal Beirne (2013-14) Identifying observation bias and creating reliable landuse change flow statistics from the EEA LUCAS database 2009-2012
  30. Sean Brophy (2013-14) Pattern Recognition (time series analysis)
  31. Aidan O'Neill (2014-15) Development of a Text Mining tool
  32. Boyang Shang (2014-15) L2 and GMM
  33. Conor Brady (2014-15) Deep learning for sentiment analysis for social media
  34. Erle Holgersen (2014-15) Text Classification with Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines
  35. Mark Nealon (2014-15) A Brief Survey of Taylor Approximations of Stochastic Di?erential Equations with Implementation
  36. Stephen Coleman (2015-16) Image Saliency in Two and Three Dimensional Video
  37. Matthew Craig (2015-16) Machine Learning Techniques Inspired by Natural Processes
  38. Elinor McColgan (2015-16) Sentiment Analysis Using Three Models on Twitter data
  39. Sean Hargadon (2015-16) Computational Fluid Dynamics (Navier-Stokes equations with RUST)
  40. Conor O Flanagan (2016-17) Exploration of Existing Methods of Image Recognition and their use in Modern Web applications
  41. Buinovskij, Andrius (2016-17) On Team Composition As A Predictive Feature In DOTA2 Match Outcome Prediction
  42. Carmen Byrne (2017-18 Math-FYP) An Overview on the Optimal Transportation Problem and its Applications
  43. Joe Barry (2017-18 Math-FYP) Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications
  44. Eddie Bergman (2018-19 FYP CS) - Using Jupyter for the Creation of Educational Content
  45. Ankira Kalra (2018-19 MAI Internship CS) Travelport Digital
  46. Conor Fallon (FYP Maths 2019-2020), Optimal Transport and Applications
Past MSc dissertations...
  1. Meng Yang (2006-07) Indexing and retrieving Faces in digital collections
  2. John O Kane (2007-08) Compression and Indexing of 3D motion data for fast animation
  3. Conor O Reilly (2007-08) Real-time multi-camera stream analysis for player interaction in 3D world
  4. Bogdan Cosmin Bucur (2008-09) Efficient Motion Capture Database Indexing on the Cell Processor
  5. Peadar Gearoid Donnelly (2008-09) Visual Hull on the Cell
  6. Peter Holland (2009-10) How can you manage what you are not measuring? Are companies using Analytics and Evidence Based Decision to improve business decision?
  7. Tang Ke (2009-10) How knowledge is managed in organisations? A study of current status of knowledge management in organisations of Ireland.
  8. Wessam Ezzedine (2010-11) camera network for video surveillance (supervision with V. Cahill)
  9. Ling Mao (2010-11) motion synthesis
  10. Kirill bogdanov (2010-11) detection of duplicates in video database
  11. Mairead Grogan (2012-13) Facial animation using Kinect
  12. David Ganter (2012-13) 3D Mesh from Kinect Capture
  13. Ronan O'Mullane (2012-13) Laser scan quality 3D mesh using kinect capture
  14. Niall Faughnan (2013-14) Video Summaries
  15. Sarah O'Reilly (2014-15) Decoding Sentimental Tweets
  16. Michael Leith (2015-16) Instrument Identification Using Deep Neural Network
  17. John McAlister (2015-16) Deep Learning for Stock Market Prediction
  18. Conor Sexton (2016-17) Advancing Neural Turing Machines: Identifying Shortest Paths in Graphs
  19. Gary Gunn (2016-17) Raw waveform source separation using deep convolutional neural networks
  20. Sarah Fernandes-Pinto-Fachada(MSc CS-AVR 2016-17) 3D Reconstruction of Reflective Surfaces
  21. Eoin O'Gorman (MAI dissertation 2017-18), Using Generative Adversarial Neural Networks for Audio Synthesis
  22. Jinwei Yuan (MSc CS-AVR 2017-18), Reinforcement learning on Image Classification
  23. Zhijian Dong (MSc CS-Data Science 2017-18), Neural Item Embedding for Recommendation Systems with Sequential Data
  24. Ankit Samantaray (MSC CS-AVR 2018-19) - Super Resolution over single frame image uing sub-pixel layer.
  25. Ravi Yadav (MSC CS-IS 2018-19) - Fusion Architecture of RGB and Thermal imagesfor Object Detection in Autonomous Vehicle
  26. Arka das (MSC CS-AVR 2018-19) - Evaluation of Spherical CNN
  27. Snehal Bhatia (MSC CS-FNS 2018-19) - Generative Adversarial Networks forImproving Imbalanced ClassificationPerformance
  28. Robert Chao Shen (MSC CS-AVR 2018-19) -Video Synthesis based on Deep LearningTechniques
  29. Aditya Misra (MSC CS-IS 2018-19) -Deep Learning Acceleration on the Edge
  30. Gaurav Gupta (MSc MAI 2019-2020), Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  31. Ashwin Sundareswaran RAMASUBRAMANIAN (MSc CS-IS 2019-2020), 3D Multi Object Detection in Autonomous Vehicle Domain
  32. Shruti Verma (MSc CS-DS 2019-2020), Yolo Implementation With Text to Speech
  33. Abishek Vaithylingam (MSc CS-DS 2019-2020), Extraction of Retinal Blood Vessels from Fundus Images using Laplacian Pyramids and Anisotropic Diffusion
  34. Vishal Kumar (MSc CS-IS 2019-2020), An Investigation Into Graph Neural Networks
  35. Jayprakash Asolkar (MSc CS-IS 2019-2020), Data Classification using Microsoft Quantum Machine Learning Library
  36. Paritosh Chauhan(MSc CS-IS 2019-2020), Quantum Image Processing