• If you require accommodation, there's a pretty comprehensive search facility here. There is a range of options listed, depending on your budget.

  • The closest hotels would be the Mont Clare and the Davenport but they're both a bit pricey. The Shelbourne is fairly close, very posh, but also expensive...

  • Jury's custom house inn is also close, just over the river, and not so expensive, as is Jury's Christchurch inn. If you're going for a hotel, one of the above 2 is probably your best value for money.

  • Alternatively, you could go for a guest house like this, or if you go further out, you can get something like this.

  • And if you're really on a budget!
    this, or this one, or how about this?!
    P.S. We know nothing about these last 3 hostels, so don't blame us if they're awful!!!

If we can help at all, do let us know...


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