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Martin Emms

Job Title:Lecturer Computational Linguistics
Qualifications: BA Maths & Philosophy, PhD Cognitive Science
Research Areas: See Parsing Formalisms, Type Inference and Language Enginering
Research Group: (CLG) Computational Linguistics Group
C++ and Natural Language Processing 2CSLL3 Course material
4CSLL5 Advanced Computational Linguistics Course material
Context Awareness CS7005 Course material
CS2LL3 (1st Semester and 2nd Semester): Mon 10-11 (Lab O'Reilly LG12), Weds 1-2 (Lecture Lloyd 1.07), Fri 11-12 (Lecture Lloyd 1.07)
CS4LL5 (1st Semester): Mon 9-10 (Lecture Lloyd 1.07), Fri 12-2 (Lecture Lloyd LB04)

I am one of the local organisers of ESSLLI 2007
Tree Distance softare see for software relating to tree distance
Location: Lower Ground O'Reilly Institute LG 18
Telephone ext: 1542
info on corpora
e-mail: Martin.Emms@cs.tcd.ie

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URL: http://www.cs.tcd.ie/Martin.Emms/
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