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Martin Emms

Job Title:Lecturer Computational Linguistics
Qualifications: BA Maths & Philosophy, PhD Cognitive Science
Research Areas: See Parsing Formalisms, Type Inference and Language Enginering
Research Group: (CLG) Computational Linguistics Group
Intermedidate Programming csu22061 (was CSLL3) 2061 Course material
Natural Language Processing csu22062 (was CSLL3) 2062 Course material
Advanced Computational Linguistics csu44062 (was CS4LL5) Course material
2063 (was CS2LL3) (S1,S2): Mon 10-11 (Lab O'Reilly LG12), Weds 1-2 (Lecture Lloyd 1.07), Fri 11-12 (Lecture Lloyd 1.07)
4062 (was CS4LL5) (S1): Thurs 9-10 (Lecture Lloyd 1.07), Fri 12-2 (Lecture Lloyd LB04)

I am one of the local organisers of ESSLLI 2007
Tree Distance softare see for software relating to tree distance
Location: Lower Ground O'Reilly Institute LG 18
Telephone ext: 1542
info on corpora
e-mail: Martin.Emms@cs.tcd.ie

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URL: http://www.cs.tcd.ie/Martin.Emms/
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