I teach five courses: 
Fuzzy Logic and Systems, Sustainability and Computing,Research Issues in Computing, Financial Informatics and Aspects of Behavioural Finance.

First, I teach an undergraduate course on Fuzzy Logic and Systems.  This course is offered as a Final Year Option for the BA (Moderator) in Computer  Science  (Course Number CS4001). The syllabus of the course, lectures and coursework details of CS4001 are available on Lecture Notes on Fuzzy Logic and Control Systems.

Second, Introduction to Professional Engineering (1E8) is a first year course for BA in Engineering students with three other colleagues.  My lectures focus on sustainability and the use of engineering systems especially IT systems.

Third, I give a course on Research Issues for the PhD students in Computer Science.  Course Notes on Research Issues in Computing.

Fourth, I have designed a course on Financial Informatics for a Master's course on Finance organised by the School of Business Studies.  Details and course notes for this course are on  Financial Informatics and  Behavioural Finance pages.