My research is in the areas of artificial intelligence and neural networks.  A bibliography of my research papers and four odd books, together with a list of my grants whilst I was at Surrey (until 2005) and now at Trinity College, Dublin is here

In artificial intelligence I have worked on terminology and ontology systems and showed the relevance of such ideas to knowledge management and knowledge acquisition; here is an audio visual presentation of my thoughts on the elusive subject of ontology and the accessible notion of terminology.  More recently, I have been working on information extraction from special language texts; a special language is a subset of everyday language that has its own distinctive vocabulary and a 'local grammar'.  I have used special language techniques for:
In neural networks, I have worked mainly on multi-net systems - systems of neural computing, systems that learn autonomously.  The individual constituents of a multi-net  specialize in learning one aspect of a data set generated by an object or (physical/biological) system.  Multi-net systems will play a major role in simulating and articulating the complex notions of cross-modal processing and  multi-sensory information fusion.  Cross modal processing, that is stimulus is in one modality and response in another, is an important sub-set of multi-modal processing.

(More to follow)