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Current Teaching – 2016/2017

CS1022 – Introduction to Computing II (2009—)

Introduction to Computing II is taken by all first year Computer Science and Computer Science & Business students in Hilary Term. The module follows on directly from CS1021 Introduction to Computing I and provides students with an introduction to the basic structure and behaviour of microprocessor systems. By designing, developing and executing simple assembly language programs, the module aims to give students an understanding of how programs execute on a microprocessor system. The module also introduces students to concepts that are fundamental to the study of Computer Science, including stacks, subroutines, data structures in memory and interrupts.

CS7NS2 – Internet of Things (2017—)

Internet of Things is available as an elective module to MSc Computer Science students, Year 5 Master in Computer Science students and Year 5 MAI Engineering Students, as well as being available to PhD students. The module explores the prevailing vision for an Internet of Things in a practical, pragmatic manner. The foundation of the module will be the end-to-end implementation of a prototype Internet of Things application, from the development of firmware for a low-power, constrained platform, to the integration of multiple “things” in a practical application.

Past Teaching

  • CS7004 – Embedded Systems (2010—2017)
  • CS1021 – Introduction to Computing II (2009—2015)
  • Advanced Microprocessor Systems (2007—2010)
  • Introduction to Computing (2007—2009, 2003—2004)
  • Concurrent Systems & Operating Systems (2006—2007)
  • Computer Science 3 (BA (Mod) ICT module on concurrency and operating systems) (2004—2006)
  • Distributed Systems & Operating Systems (2001—2006)
  • Computer Engineering (2002—2003)

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