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Management of Low-Power Devices for the Internet of Things

A new research interest -- I am investigating how communication protocols (particularly wireless communication) can support the management of massive collections of low-power wireless devices. These devices are often expected to operate for years on a coin-cell battery, with a limited power budget for communication and computation. The vision of an "Internet of Things" is driving us towards massive collections of power-constrained devices and this will demand facilities such as autonomous, verifiable reconfiguration, reprogramming and diagnostics.

Grid Computing

With John Walsh, I am investigating the integration of non-CPU computational resources into Computational Grid Infrastructures. These resources, which are typified by GPGPUs, are increasingly required to support scientific investigations in areas such as particle physics and pharmacology.

Historically, grid infrastructures have focused on the allocation of CPUs to Grid users, with resources such as GPGPUs a distant secondary consideration. This work aims to elevate the importance of non-CPU resources, making it possible for users to specify the resources they require, discover those resources in massive Grid Infrastructures and request the allocation of the resources for their programs.

Distributed Multimedia Systems

My research interests lie in the area of distributed multimedia systems, with an emphasis on large-scale on-demand systems, where stored media (e.g. video and audio) is delivered to consumers using communication networks. Past work has addressed issues relating to the storage of media and its transmission across networks.

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