Professor John Waldron
Tel. +353 (0)1 8963685

School of Computer Science & Statistics,
Room G36,
O'Reilly Institute,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2,

Present Research
Cryptocurrencies, Cryptographic hash functions, hash pointers, Merkle trees, digital signatures.
Previous Research
Graphics hardware and its applicability to non graphics oriented applications, particularly cryptography. Intermediate representation engineering for virtual machines including the Java Virtual Machine. Numerical methods for the solution of stochastic differential equations, especially the Langevin Equation. Educational technology. Publications


3D1 Microprocessor Systems I is a one-semester module taken by third year Electronic, Electronic/Computer and Computer Engineering students providing an introduction to the basic structure, properties and operation of microprocessor systems.

CS1026 Digital Logic Design II is a one-semester module taken by first year BA (Mod) Computer Science students that focuses on boolean logic, logic gates, synchronous finite state machines and datapath controller design.

2E10 Engineering Design IV is a one-semester module taken by second year Engineering students involving electronic system design of a computer controlled autonomous vehicle with motor driven wheels and position sensors.