CS7057 - Realtime Physics (Module Webpage) 2016-17

Module Co-ordinator

Dr. John Dingliana
Em: John.Dingliana AT cs.tcd.ie  |  Location: 0.41 Lloyd Institute

Graphics Vision and Visualization Group [GV2]
School of Computer Science and Statistics [CS]


The aim of this module is to provide students with a deep understanding of the theory and techniques behind real time physically based animation. Students will learn to fully understand the architecture and components of a physics pipeline that would be employed in a typical interactive graphical application or game. Students will learn how to build a real-time rigid body simulation system for convex polyhedra and to integrate this within a graphical application. The second half of the course will feature a major individual project and readings based on state-of-the-art topics in Real-time Physics.

Module Descriptor: MD_cs7057


The module will be fully assessed based on coursework. There will be on-going continuous lab assessments in the first half of the semester (worth a total of ~50%) followed by a major individual project (~40%) and a written assignment (~10%)in the second semester.

Lecture Notes and Assignments

These will be posted on the blackboard system: http://mymodule.tcd.ie. The module is listed as CS7057-A-Y-201617 (REAL-TIMEPHYSICS). Contact me immediately if you have problems acessing the backboard site.

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N.B. You may be asked to enter a password for some of these slides. If so, just use your SCSS username and password to log-in. If you have problems, email John.Dingliana AT scss.tcd.ie. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Lectures are provided as 6pp handouts - if you require larger versions e.g. due to any difficulty reading them, please let me know.

Required Readings from the course

Baraff, D., Wikin, A. and Kass, M. "Physically Based Modelling - Siggraph 2001 Pixar Coursenotes"
     - Lecture B: Differential Equation Basics [URL]
     - Lecture C: Particle Simulation [URL]
     - Lecture G: Rigid Body Dynamics [URL]
Mueller, M., James, D., Thuerey, N., Stam, J. "Realtime Physics - Siggraph 2008 Course Notes"
     - Notes (Chapters 3-5) [URL]
     - Matthias Muller Slides: Introduction / Deformable objects [URL]

Recommended Readings

Books referenced in the course:

  • Eberley, D. "Game Physics". Morgan Kaufmann, 2003. ISBN: 1558607404
  • Ericson, C. "Real-Time Collision Detection" - Morgan Kaufmann, 2005, ISBN: 1558607323
  • Erleben, K. Sporring, J. Henriksen, K. and Dohlman, H. "Physics-based Animation", Charles River Media, 2005, ISBN: 1584503807
  • Millington, I. "Game Physics Engine Development" - Morgan Kaufmann, 2007, ISBN: 012369471X [URL]

Important Papers (not a complete list):

  • "Particle Systems - A technique for Modelling a Class of Fuzzy Objects", Reeves, W.T. (Lucasfilm Ltd.), Computer Graphics, Vol 17, No. 3, Siggraph 1983 Proceedings. 359-376. 1983. [paper][slides(not from the original presentation)]
  • "Approximating Polyhedra with Spheres for Time-Critical Collision Detection", Hubbard, P., ACM Transactions on Graphics, 15(3). 1996. [paper]
  • "Fast and Accurate Computation of Polyhedral Mass Properties", Mirtich, B., Journal of Graphics Tools. Vol. 1 (2) , 1996.
  • "Collision detection and response for computer animation", Moore & Wilhelms, SIGGRAPH 1988
  • "Impulse-based Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Body Systems", Mirtich, B. Ph.D. thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, 1996.
  • "A Fast Triangle Triangle Intersection Test", Moeller, T., Available at: PDF
  • "Simple Intersection Tests For Games", Miguel Gomez - Gamasutra, Oct 18, 1999 (http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3383/simple_intersection_tests_for_games.php)
  • "Efficient Algorithms for Two-Phase Collision Detection", Mirtich, B., TR9723 MERL, Dec, 1997. (http://www.merl.com/reports/docs/TR97-23.pdf)
  • "Space time bounds for collision detection", Hubbard, P. TR CS-93-04, Computer Science, Brown University, 1993. (ftp://ftp.cs.brown.edu/pub/techreports/93/cs93-04.pdf)

Useful Resources:

  • Pixar Course (Siggraph 2001) on Physically Based Modelling [URL]
  • Real-time Physics Course (Siggraph 2008) [URL]
  • Fluid Simulation Course (Siggraph 2007) including Game Fluids by M. Mueller: [URL]
  • Geometric Tools (resources from Wild Magic Real-time 3D engine including LCP solver, containment, physics): http://www.geometrictools.com/
  • Sphere Tree Resources by Gareth Bradshaw (code, binaries and papers): http://isg.cs.tcd.ie/spheretree

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