CS7029 Part B : Visual Computing

Course Description

The objective of this module is to equip students with a fundamental understanding of the technology underlying the field of computer images and how this is applied to advanced areas such as geometric modelling, rendering and animation.

We will discuss modes of input/output and the limitations/potentials of (graphical) digital media and attempt to provide a better understanding of the workflow, complexity, tools and issues involved in production of digital images, animations and interactive graphical programs.

Students are introduced to some mathematical principles and standard architectures of modern graphical applications, including details of the hardware and low-level software used in such systems. The course will give an understanding of how low-level fundamental components common to all computer applications come together to produce the high-level abstract output in graphical applications to generate computer imagery.

Module Lecturer

John Dingliana [URL]
Graphics Vision and Visualisation Group [GV2]
School of Computer Science and Statistics [SCSS]
Trinity College Dublin
Email: John.Dingliana AT cs.tcd.ie


Lecture Notes

Labs and Assignments [N.B. assessible work is marked in bold]

[26/09/2016] Introduction PDF [2.6Mb] [26/09/2016] Assignment 1 - Introduce Yourself    DUE:03/10/16 PDF [1Mb]
[26/09/2016] Lab 1 - POV-Ray Setup    [THIS LAB IS NOT GRADED] PDF [1Mb]
[10/10/2016] Images and Models PDF [2.6Mb] [10/10/2016] Lab 2 - Modelling & Vectors    [NOT GRADED] PDF [1.4Mb]
[11/10/2016] 3D Modelling PDF [6.4Mb] [11/10/2016] Assignment 2 - 3d Modelling    DUE 08/11/2016 PDF [1.2Mb]
[11/10/2016] Lab 3 - CSG    [THIS LAB IS NOT GRADED] PDF [0.8Mb]
[17/10/2016] Digital Images and Colour PDF [3.6Mb] [18/10/2016] Lab 4 - Colour & Texture    [THIS LAB IS NOT GRADED] PDF [1.7Mb]
Useful POV-Ray Tutorial (supplemental notes by a third-party): PDF [3.6Mb]    
[23/10/2016] Materials and Illumination PDF [2.1Mb] [23/10/2016] Lab 5 - Materials and Illumination    [NOT GRADED] PDF [1.0Mb]
[14/11/2016] Global Illumination PDF [2.9Mb] [14/11/2016] Lab 6 - Global Illumination    [NOT GRADED] PDF [0.7Mb]
[21/11/2016] Modelling Part II (3DS Max) PDF [2.0Mb] [21/11/2016] Lab 7 - 3DS Studio Max Intro    [NOT GRADED] PDF [0.9Mb]
[28/11/2016] Materials Revisited PDF [1.7Mb] [28/11/2016] Lab 8 - Materials in 3DS Max    [NOT GRADED] PDF [1.2Mb]
[28/11/2016] Assignment 3 - 3D Studio Max   DUE 05/02/2017 PDF [0.7Mb]
[05/05/2016] Modelling Part III (Object Creation) PDF [2.1Mb] [21/11/2016] Lab 9 - Creating Objects    [NOT GRADED] PDF [1.6Mb]
[12/12/2016] Introduction to Computer Animation PDF [2.2Mb] [12/12/2016] Lab 10 - Basic Animation   [NOT GRADED] PDF [1.7Mb]
[17/01/2017] Virtual Camera PDF [2.1Mb] [17/01/2017] Lab 11 - The Virtual Camera    [NOT GRADED] PDF [1.6Mb]
[24/01/2017] Class reserved for working on the 3DS assignment   [24/01/2017] Some shortcuts in 3DS Max PDF [.06Mb]

PLEASE NOTE that for the Semester 2 we will have a series of smaller assignments compared the previous semester. Most labs will now be graded.

[31/01/2017] Processing PDF [2.1Mb] [31/01/2017] Lab 13 - Processing Intro    [NOT GRADED] PDF [1.6Mb]
[07/02/2017] Interactive Graphics PDF [1.1Mb] [07/02/2017] Lab 14 - Interactive Graphics with Processing
[Worth 1% of the Module]
PDF [1.03Mb]
[14/02/2017] Interactive Graphics 2 PDF [1.3Mb] [14/02/2017] Lab 15 - Particle Animation    [Worth 3% of the module] PDF [0.8Mb]
[21/02/2017] Processing Images - Part 1 UPDATED PDF [1.4Mb] [21/02/2017] Lab 16 - Images in Processing
[Worth 3% of the module] UPDATED
PDF [1.1Mb]
[14/02/2017] Processing Images - Part 2 PDF [] [14/02/2017] Lab 17 - Filter and Blend    [Worth 3% of the module] PDF []
[14/03/2017] 18 - Video UPDATED on 21/03/2017 PDF [] [14/03/2017] Lab 18 - Video Stylization UPDATED on 21/03/2017 PDF []
    [14/03/2017] Assignment 8 - Video Stylization UPDATED on 21/03/2017 PDF []
[21/03/2017] Interactive 3D Graphics PDF [] [21/03/2017] Lab 19 - Interactive 3D In Processing PDF []
[28/03/2017] Procedural Generation
PDF [??Mb]
[03/04/2017] Processing Tips
PDF [??Mb]
[03/04/2017] Additional slides to answer some questions asked by students
PDF [??Mb]

Important Note: Submission of Assignments

All assignments (with the exception of Assignment 1, which may be sent in by email) should be submitted via the Blackboard system at mymodule.tcd.ie. This system will also be used to return individual feedback on assignments. If you have major problems accessing or submitting through the Blackboard system, please contact me as soon as possible.


Mondays 11am-1pm throughout Semester 1 and 2 in 3rd Floor, Westland Square. Generally, this will consist of a theory lecture followed by a practical session. Some labs are not directly marked but contribute towards the development of the major assignments.


100% by continuous assessment and coursework. More details shortly.


This course is not based on a single text but the following are useful supplementary readings.

  • The Computer in the Visual Arts. Anne Morgan Spalter. [US]
  • 3D Computer Graphics: A User's Guide for Artists and Designers. Andrew Glassner. [out of print]
  • Computer Graphics with OpenGL (3rd Edition), Donald Hearn and M. Pauline Baker. Prentice Hall. 2003.
  • Computer Graphics Using Open GL (2nd Edition), Francis S. Hill. 2000
  • Computer Graphics: Theory Into Practice. Jeffrey J. McConnell.
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics, James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, John F. Hughes, Richard L. Phillips. Addision Wesley Professional. 1993.
  • Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C (2nd Edition), James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, John F. Hughes. Addision Wesley Professional. 1995
  • The Computer Image, Alan Watt and Fabio Policarpo. Addison Wesley, 1998.

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