Try using VivioJS instead of Vivio. The equivalent VivioJS animations can be viewed in most browsers WITHOUT installing this plugin.

Computer Architecture Animations
DLX/MIPS (initial multiplication program + not locked + help)
DLX/MIPS (no program + not locked + no help)
DLX/MIPS tutorial
DLX/MIPS with initial configuration selected from database
Cache animation (description)
Write-through cache coherency animation (description
Write-once cache coherency animation (description
Firefly cache coherency animation (description)
MESI cache coherency animation (description)
All cache coherency protocols

Sorting and Tree Animations

Bubble sort Binary Tree
Bubble sort (bubble back variant) AVL Tree
Exchange sort B-tree
Heap sort All trees
Insertion sort   
Quicksort (Bentley)  
Quicksort (Wirth)  
Shaker sort  
Shell sort  
All sorts  
Miscellaneous Animations
clock Newton-Rhapson
4 embedded clocks  Ackermann benchmark
Bezier curve sieve benchmark
cardinal spline  

Further Information

Instructions on how to use the mouse wheel and mouse buttons to control animation playback.
Help installing the Vivio ActiveX player and Mozilla Firefox plugin.
Source code for the Vivio Integrated Development Environment, ActiveX player, Mozilla Firefox plugin, installer and all Vivio animations.
The previous release (Vivio 4.0) is still available and can co-exist with Vivio 5.1.


I would like to thank Edsko De Vries for the MIPS/DLX animation, Hugh Gibbons for his helpful suggestions concerning the sort and tree animations, David Cunningham for the HeapSort and Ailbhe Hayes for the B-tree animation.

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Dr. Jeremy Jones, Dept Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.