This VivioJS animation was inspired by watching the Bearded Woodworker's YouTube video "How to make a Wooden Star (detailed)".

The video shows a very efficient method for making wooden stars, but measurements are provided for only a single sized 5 pointed star (pentagram).

This animation (best viewed on a desktop PC) provides a visual tool for designing stars with 3 to 12 points (vertices) and of diferent sizes. Use the N menu, Units menu and the W, L1 and A1 sliders to calculate the measurements and angles for your bespoke star.

A spreadsheet is also provided for designing stars whose characteristics are beyond the limits of the animation.

photograph of a 5 pointed (pentagram) and a 7 pointed (heptagram) wooden star
5 pointed (pentagram) and 7 pointed (heptagram) wooden stars
No canvas support Click on diagram to activate animation or here for a full screen version.