Jan Ondøej

Senior Research Fellow
Trinity College Dublin
email: ondrejj at scss.tcd.ie

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Short Bio

I am Senior Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin working on V-SENSE project with Aljosa Smolic. Previously, I worked as a researcher at Trinity College Dublin and Disney Research Los Angeles in a team led by Carol O'Sullivan. I obtained my Ph.D. from INSA/INRIA Rennes in France, supervisied by Julien Pettré in 2011.
I am currently working on Free Viewpoint Video project. My research interests are in interactive computer graphics, animation and virtual reality. In particular, I am interested in research related to virtual humans and crowds (collision avoidance and navigation, animation, rendering and interaction).


  • 08/17: A public presentation of our FVV project Virtual Play at Samuel Beckett Summer School in Dublin
  • 02/17:Shape Up! Perception based body shape variation for data-driven crowds accepted to VHCIE workshop
  • 12/16:Trending Paths: A New Semantic-level Metric for Comparing Simulated and Real Crowd Data accepted in IEEE TVCG
  • 10/16:Crowded environments reduce spatial memory in older but not younger adults accepted in Psychological Research
  • 09/16: Started a new post-doc at Trinity College Dublin on V-SENSE project
  • 07/16:Judging crowds' size by ear and by eye in virtual reality to appear in Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces
  • 07/16:HI Robot: Human Intention-aware Robot Planning for Safe and Efficient Navigation in Crowds accepted to IROS
  • 05/16:FrankenFolk: Distinctiveness and Attractiveness of Voice and Motion will be presented at ACM SAP in Anaheim

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