Silvercloud programmes in clinical trials

The first two programmes produced using the SilverCloud e-mental health platform have begun trials. Mind Balance is a cognitive behavioural therapy programme for depression, and See My Self is a psycho-educational programme on healthy body image and self esteem. Both programmes are available at TCD through the TCD Counselling Service, and See My Self is also available nationwide through Bodywhys, the eating disorder association of Ireland.… Read more

Two full papers accepted for CHI 2011

D. Coyle, G. Doherty, N. McGlade and G. O’Reilly, Exploratory evaluations of a computer game supporting Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for adolescents, to appear at ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2011).

M. Matthews and G. Doherty, In the mood: engaging teenagers in psychotherapy using mobile phones, to appear at ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2011).… Read more

PhD opportunities

I am interested in hearing from high quality potential PhD students – please send me a CV if you have a relevant Masters level qualification and/or experience of working interaction design, and are interested in working on producing technologies which match real-world needs.

Prospective PhD students may be interested in a number of potential funding schemes through IRCSET – next month IRCSET will be releasing details of the 2011 postgraduate scholarship scheme: note that these scholarships are very competitive and are only awarded to students with an excellent academic background.… Read more

See My Self in user trials

The See My Self online programme for the prevention of eating disorders has now entered user trials, with collaboration from BodyWhys and TCD Student Counselling.  The programme is delivered using the SilverCloud computer-supported therapy platform developed in collaboration with the NDRC and ParentsPlus.… Read more

Fieldwork for Requirements: Frameworks for Mobile Healthcare Applications

G. Doherty, J.McKnight and S. Luz, Fieldwork for Requirements: Frameworks for Mobile Healthcare Applications International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 68 (10), pp.760-776, 2010. DOI 10.1016/j.ijhcs.2010.06.005

Ethnographic approaches to study of work in the field have been widely adopted by HCI researchers as resources for investigation of work settings and for requirements elicitation. Although the value of fieldwork for design is widely recognised, difficulties surround the exploitation of fieldwork data within the design process. Since not every development project can support or justify large-scale field investigation, the issue of how to build on previous work within a domain is particularly important.Read more

Design and Evaluation Guidelines for Mental Health Technologies

G. Doherty, D. Coyle and M. Matthews, Design and Evaluation Guidelines for Mental Health Technologies , Interacting with Computers, 22(4), pp.43-252, 2010, DOI 10.1016/j.intcom.2010.02.006 .

It is increasingly recognised that technology has the potential to significantly improve access, engagement, effectiveness and affordability of treatment for mental health problems. The development of such technology has recently become the subject of Human–Computer Interaction research. As an emerging area with a unique set of constraints and design concerns, there is a need to establish guidelines which encapsulate the knowledge gained from existing development projects.Read more

Designing Decision Support in an Evolving Sociotechnical Enterprise

C. Upton, G. Doherty, F. Gleeson & C. Sheridan, Designing Decision Support in an Evolving Sociotechnical Enterprise, Cognition Technology and Work, 12(1), pp.13-30, 2010, DOI 10.1007/s10111-008-0124-1

Modern manufacturing facilities are subject to organisational, technological, engineering and market constraints. The combination of these factors allows them to be described as sociotechnical enterprises. Control of these enterprises is distributed between human and automated agents who collaborate as part of a joint cognitive system. One of the challenges facing these industries is a need to evolve operations while maintaining stable performance.Read more