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PhD positions on Visualization Support for Software Defined Data Centers

Trinity College Dublin in collaboration with Intel Labs Europe are seeking two exceptional candidates for postgraduate (PhD) research scholarships on visualization support for software-defined data centers. Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is an emerging technology that will radically change the way in which ICT infrastructure is provided, managed and consumed. The research will have a strong HCI component, starting with end-user interviews, observations, and analysis, feeding in to the design of visualizations to support the work. It will involve significant interaction with industrial users throughout.
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Paper accepted to MobileHCI 2015

Congratulations to Mark Matthews who will be presenting the paper In Situ Design for Mental Illness: Considering the Pathology of Bipolar Disorder in mHealth Design at MobileHCI 2015. The paper describes collaborative work with Cornell University on the design of technologies to support people with bipolar disorder, supported by a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship.

IRC New Foundations – T4WB Conference

The Irish Research Council have awarded myself and Inspire Ireland ( a New Foundations grant to support the International Technology for Wellbeing (T4WB) Conference for 2015. (IRC announcement). The conference will bring together a range of experts in technology, mental health and wellbeing from health services, the voluntary sector and academia.

Recent and forthcoming talks

In May, I’ll be giving an invited talk on using technology to engage children and adolescents in mental health treatment at the Federation of European Academies of Medicine Symposium on Adolescent health: investing in the future at the French Academy of Medicine (PDF of programme). In June, I’ll be giving a seminar at the University of St. Andrews. I have had a more time to give talks this academic year, and so here’s a quick summary. September, I gave a talk at the Inspire Ireland Technology for Wellbeing Conference at Croke Park. Inspire are operators of, and I’m delighted be co-organising this year’s forthcoming conference with them. Continue reading Recent and forthcoming talks

Paper accepted to JMIR

A paper with Cecily Morrison (University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research) has just been accepted to the Journal of Medical Internet Research (impact factor 4.7).

C. Morrison and G. Doherty, “Analysing Engagement in a Web-based Intervention Platform through Visualising Log-data”, J Med Internet Res 2014;16(11).

Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Award

Congratulations to Marguerite Barry who will be joining us for 2 years from October under an Irish Research Council postdoctoral fellowship, examining different conceptions of interactivity in digital media applications.

Position for postdoctoral HCI researcher on Understanding and Visualizing Multicore Performance

The School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin  is looking for applications for a Post-doctoral research position in the area of HCI and Visualization. The position is part of Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, with collaboration from IBM Research.

Whereas previously only a small minority of programmers would deal with parallel programming, the shift towards multi-core has meant that
a much wider proportion of programmers will need to produce parallel programs. The successful candidate will work as part of a small team
on the ManyCore project, which aims to support this activity through visualizations which help programmers understand and improve the
performance of their programs.
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Trial protocols published

Protocols for the RCT’s of two of the Silvercloud programmes have been published in Trials and BMC Psychiatry.

Fellowship of Trinity College Dublin

I was elected to Fellowship of the College on Trinity Monday 2014. Fellowship is primarily awarded based on scholarship and research achievement.

Paper accepted to Interacting with Computers

A paper based on work we carried out during the CNGL project has been accepted to Interacting with Computers.

S. Schlögl, S. Luz and G. Doherty, Wizard of Oz Experimentation for Language Technology Applications: Challenges and Tools, Interacting with Computers, Oxford University Press, 2014. Free PDF.

Honorable mention awards for both CHI 2014 papers

Both of our CHI 2014 papers have been selected for Honorable Mention, given to the top 5% of the 2000 paper submissions!

Come along to see them in Toronto:!pn787!pn2103


Two papers at CHI 2014

We will be presenting two papers at CHI 2014 in Toronto, one based on our work in mental health (in collaboration with Cornell University), and another looking at design considerations for parallel performance tools  (as part of the SFI-funded Lero project) . With over 2000 submissions to the papers track this year, we are . . . → Read More: Two papers at CHI 2014