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Dr. Gavin Doherty
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Paper in IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering

A paper on our work within Lero (the Irish Software Research Centre) has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. It presents an analysis of the problem space of parallel software development, including a taxonomy of the different problems which may be encountered, and the observations which might be used to diagnose them. The taxonomy and model are validated by an inter-rater agreement study with experts, and the prevalence of problems is explored through a survey with programmers.

R. Atachiants, G. Doherty & D. Gregg, Parallel Performance Problems on Shared-Memory Multicore Systems: Taxonomy and Observation, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (to appear, 2016) DOI 10.1109/TSE.2016.2519346. (Open access – free to download).

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