I am an ELEVATE Fellow, funded by Marie Curie Actions and the Irish Research Council. I am officially affiliated to the School of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. I am currently in my two-year outgoing phase working with the TAO team at INRIA Saclay, France, a world-leading research lab in Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) and Machine Learning.
Before this, I studied my M.Sc. by Research in Artificial Intelligence in University of Veracruz and CINVESTAV, with Prof. Carlos Coello, an expert in EAs Multi-objective optimisation. Then, I studied my Ph.D. at University of Essex with Prof. Riccardo Poli, an expert in Genetic Programming. I then worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Natural Computing & Applications Group at University College Dublin. I was a Visiting Researcher in the Brain Computer Interface Group at University of Essex. Finally, I worked as a Research Fellow in the Distributed Systems Group at Trinity College Dublin.

I am interested in Evolutionary Algorithms and Monte Carlo Tree Search. A brief description of my research can be found here and my publication list can be seen here and also through Google Scholar.

Recent News

  • Co-guest editor of a Special Issue on `Data Driven Computational Intelligence for e-Governance, Socio-Political and Economic Systems' - IEEE Trans. on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence. Information can be found here.
  • International conference paper accepted. E. Galvan-Lopez, E. Mezura-Montes, O. Ait Elhara and M. Schoenauer. On the Use of Semantics in Multi-Objective Genetic Programming. 14th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature. Springer. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. September, 2016.
  • Journal article accepted. L. Trujillo, L. Munoz, E. Galvan-Lopez and S. Silva. neat Genetic Programming: Controlling Bloat Naturally. Information Systems, 333:21-43, 2016. (Impact factor: 1.45).

Grants & Bursary

I have authored/co-autored a number of successful funding applications with a total value over 400,000 EURO.
  • 10/2014 - 09/2017 (267,000 EURO), funded by the Irish Research Council and Marie Curie Actions. Stochastic Bio-inspired Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimisation in Dynamic Environments. Role: Principal investigator.
  • 12/2012 - 11/2015 (50,000 EURO), funded by CONACyT, Mexico. Problem prediction in Genetic Programming. Role: Co-principal investigator.
  • 10/2005 - 09/2009 (90,000 EURO), funded by CONACyT, Mexico . An Analysis of the Effects of Neutrality on Problem Hardness for Evolutionary Algorithms. For postgraduate studies.

Contact Information


Edgar Galvan-Lopez

TAO Project, INRIA Saclay, LRI - Bat. 660, Universite Paris Sud, 91405 Orsay Cedex, France

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