Year Authors Title
  2023 Daron Anderson, George Iosifidis, Douglas Leith Lazy Lagrangians for Optimistic Learning with Budget Constraints IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 31(5), pp1935-1949. DOI: 10.1109/TNET.2022.3222404 [bibtex]
  2022 Daron Anderson, Douglas Leith Expected Regret and Pseudo-Regret are Equivalent When the Optimal Arm is Unique Journal of Machine Learning Research, 23, pp1-13 [bibtex]
  2021 Sulthana Shams, Daron Anderson, Douglas Leith Cluster-Based Bandits: Fast Cold-Start for Recommender System New Users Proc SIGIR [bibtex]
  2021 Daron Anderson, Douglas Leith The Lazy Online Subgradient Algorithm is Universal on Strongly Convex Domains Proc NeurIPS 2021 [bibtex]
  2020 Daron Anderson, Douglas Leith Universal Algorithms: Beyond the Simplex SCSS Tech Report March 2020 [bibtex]
  2019 Daron Anderson, Douglas Leith Optimality of the Subgradient Algorithm in the Stochastic Setting SCSS Tech Report, Sept 2019 [bibtex]
  2019 Daron Anderson and Douglas J Leith Learning The Best Expert Efficiently SCSS Tech Report Nov 2019 [bibtex]

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