Sailing in Ireland

This page gathers together some links which are of interest to people sailing in Ireland. Cruising will be the main focus, and no attempt will be made to cater for race results and suchlike. 

Weather for Irish Sailors

As of June 2001, Met Eireann's is on the web. A home page gives pointers to national and regional forecasts as well as the sea area forecast. As a backup, this information can also be retrieved from RTE Teletex page 162.

A similar shipping forecast from the U.K. weather centre which covers Irish sea areas can be retrieved from here The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts produce charts of the North Atlantic for 3-6 days ahead. You can get a current chart for the eastern atlantic from From here you can access a service operated by the Dun Laoghaire harbour company, which gives 10-minute updates on the weather conditions there. This service is also available on your mobile phone using "".

The irish Times gets its weather charts from
For Dublin, the Intellicast offers a 4-day forecast.

XcWeather has covered of Ireland and the UK and

Windguru gives good predictions for many Irish ports including Dun laoghaire


parameters required for the XTide
Today's tides from the Irish Times

this source of Dublin (North Wall) Tides from the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory. The same site also give tides to WAP phone users using

The UK Hydrographic Office offers an EasyTide service which gives tidal curves as well as high water/low water for any port (including most Irish ones) HERE.

There is also the Tideschart service available HERE

Sunrise and Sunset

By plugging in the latitude, longitude and date into this form (produced by the US Naval Service), the times of sunrise and sunset together with information on phases of the moon can be found. Position information for Dublin (53deg26' North, 6deg15' West ) is included by default. 

Information for people sailing in Dun Laoghaire

The following links will be of interest to people going sailing from Dun Laoghaire harbour.
  • Dunloaghaire Harbour Webcams
  • Tidal Curve for Dun Loaghaire from UK Hydrographic Office

    Miscellaneous Links of Interest to Irish Sailors

    Map of the most interesting sailing grounds in Ireland - countesy of

    Sail Training and Charter

    Other Irish Links

    Links that (I think) are of Interest - but not Irish based

  • Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page A Veritable encyclopedia of On-line Sailing. 
  • Yaching and Boating World - the publishers of Yaching Monthly, Practical Boat Owner, Yachting World and Motor Boat and Yachting
  • Jon Deutsch's Things to do with a Laser give some interesting thngs that you can do with this craft.
  • Sailing Courses in Brittany delivering RYA Competent Crew, Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper courses.

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