Course Description

These web pages are designed to support the course entitled: CS4081: Entrepreneurship & High-Tech venture Creation, delivered at Trinity College Dublin to an audience of primarily Computer Science Students.  The course is taught as a core module and thus must appeal  both to students who have entrepreneurial ambitions and those who don't.  In the latter case, I hope that the material will serve as a kind of "Business:101 for Computer Engineers" making them aware of the entrepreneurial eco-system that surrounds them and inspiring them to take part in some way..

The major topics in the course are listed below. Each topic links to a page wit h supporting reading material and a link to the relevant slides

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    focussing particularly on High-Tech Entrepreneurship and an Irish Perspective

  • Opportunity Recognition

    What distinguishes an idea from a viable business opportunity 

  • Feasibility Analysis
    Testing whether a idea  can go the distance

  • Elements of a Business Plan
    Why make a business plan, what should go it, what to leave out, Audience

  • Making the Pitch
    The elements of a successful pitch

  • Forming the Team
    What to look for in building a team.. The entrepreneurs perspective, what every prospective employee should know.

  • Laying down and Legal & Ethical Foundation
    Corporate culture and how the founders shape this.  Choosing and attorney and basic legal preparations.
  • Raising Finance
    Using Silicon Valley examples and adapting to what is available in Ireland.

  • Protecting Intellectual Property
    Introduction to patents, focus on Sofware copyright and Open Source

  • Marketing and Promotion
    Audience,  Branding, attracting the right attention

  • Recommended Textbook

    This course takes its structure and quite a lot of its instructional material from Barringer & Ireland's : Entrepreneurship : Successfully Launching New Ventures, currently in its 4th  edition.  There are many copies of this in the University library and there is also a companion website with lots of useful resources.


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