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David Gregg

Job Title: Professor
Qualifications: MSc, Dr. techn., FTCD
Research Areas: Software performance optimization, embedded systems
Courses: CS2014/5 Systems Programming, CS3014 Concurrent Systems I
Location: Lloyd Institute 130
Phone: (+353 1 896) 3693
e-mail: David.Gregg at cs.tcd.ie
Postal Address: Prof. David Gregg, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland.

ALECS Postdoctoral Fellowships

I am looking for suitable candidates who are interested in applying for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship through the ALECS programme. This programme is co-funded by Lero - The Irish Software Research Centre and by the European Commision. The formal closing date for applications is January 31st 2020, but if you are interested in applying you should contact me as soon as you know you might be interested.

The ALECS programme will take a number of months to review the applications and reach a decision for each applicant. The starting date for the fellowships is likely to be some time around September 2020. The fellowships last two years. A total of 26 ALECS postdoctoral fellowships is likely to be available, of which perhaps four are likely to be based within Trinity College Dublin.

There is a great deal of freedom available in selecting topics. My team is working primarily in the area of optimizations for deep neural networks to allow them to run efficiently on resource-constrained embedded systems. However, I am very much open to applicants who are interested in other topics, such as program analysis, computer arithmetic, vector/multicore/GPU parallelism, compilers, domain-specific languages, algorithms, etc. Candidates should be researchers, who either have a relevant PhD degree or who have at least 4 years equivalent full-time equivalent research experience.

For more details see https://alecs.lero.ie/

About Me

I'm a professor in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. My current research deals with low-resource techniques for deep neural networks, compilers, algorithms, and software optimization for multicore and vector computers.

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