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Unifying Synchronous Systems

Funded by Science Foundation Ireland .
Start Date: September 2007, 3 yrs.

This project will explore the development of a theory of hardware compilers within the Unifying Theories of Programming framework (UTP) . Furthermore, it will look at developing a parameterised collection of theories that allow straightforward verification of simple designs, whilst still being able to support reasoning involving the more complex properties required in more sophisticated systems. The key idea is to be able to integrate the simple and complex reasoning as required by the design of different parts of a system.

This project is being run in collaboration with Professor Jim Woodcock at the University of York.

More details about the project are in a Research Programme Summary document (PDF).

The paper, "Slotted-Circus - A UTP-Family of Reactive Theories" (PDF) gives an idea of some of the technical details of the starting point for the research. It was presented at IFM2007 in Oxford, UK in July.

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