MM101: Introduction to programming

Andrew Butterfield,
F.13, O’Reilly Institute, x2517


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Monday, March 10th, Project 1 preliminary results now available.

Thursday, January 24th, Project 2 will now not be running.

Useful Links


Lectures will be held on Monday mornings, 10am--11am.

The schedule of topics below is tentative, and may change as term progresses


Labs are held on Thursday afternoons from 14.30 to 16.30.


The first project has now been released.
Deadline: 4pm, Monday January 14th, 2008.
This project is now worth 40% of the final marks for MM101 (Semester 1).

Preliminary Marks for Project 1 are now available, and will be circulated.

There will not be a second project, in order to leave time for project work specific to the Semester 2 part of the course.

Project Submission Mechanism

See this demo page to see how your submission should be identified.

Sample questions

Here are a couple of sample exam questions. The formatting is rather crude, but the content should be useful!