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CS3001 Formal Methods

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This page will provide materials to support the JS option in formal methods, listing lecture notes, exercises and useful links.

Official CS3001 Page

CS3001 Timetable


Coursework (20%)

Project (10%)

See the Project 2011 page.

Mini-Exercises (10%)

All exercises and solutions will appear in CS3001 Coursework which will be updated as the semester progresses (current version: March 8th 2011).

Now available in the above document (unless linked otherwise):

  • Mini 1 Exercise | Solutions
  • Mini 2 Exercise | Solutions
  • Mini 3 Exercise | Solutions
  • Mini 4 Exercise | Solutions
  • Mini 5 Exercise | Solutions
  • Mini 6 Exercise | Solution to Proofs 1-4

Examination (80%)

Sample Exam Paper (2009)
Annual Exam Paper (2009)




  • What is the weighting between coursework and exam?

    Exam: 80%, Project: 10%, MiniExercises: 10%

  • I was just wondering if the questions in the exam paper will have clear sections like the sample paper or a more integrated approach in regards to the sections?

    They will have clear sections just like the sample paper.
    The precise number of sections in each question may differ from that in the sample paper.
    The marks awarded per section may differ from those in the sample paper.

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