Irish School of VDM - Software

LaTeX Macros and Styles

The follow LaTeX style files and documentation are available (v3.7a 29th October 2004) The follow LaTeX style files are out-of-date but are provided for backwards compatibilty reasons.

Haskell Implementation

Haskell Libraries implementing the operators of the Irish VDM are now available (Including a version of a Haskell library implementing the topos logic associated with directed irreflexive graphs - DIMG)

As of Jan. 17th 2005, this includes QuickCheck support

This code has been tested on the May 2006 Hugs 98 installation running under Windows XP, in Hugs (-98) Mode.

Latest Version: 1.3c, 9th April 2008.

This page was was last updated on 10th April 2008 by Andrew Butterfield.