Irish School of VDM

The "Irish School of VDM" is a branch of the Vienna Development Method (VDM) that has concentrated its research activity on exploiting the mathematical concepts of structure in order to develop operator calculi for building and resoning about models in VDM. The work should be viewed as being complementary to the work in model-theoretic formal methods such as standard VDM (VDM-SL) and Z, rather than as a competitor.


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We have readings on IrishVDM in various formats (for PDF format, a free Acrobat Reader is available). The following cover the early period (1987-1997), when research focussed on structures such as semigroups, monoids, groups and their morphisms as a foundation for the calculi:

More recent work has looked at generalising the structures involved, to the concepts of inner and outer laws, which admit partiality in a natural way, as well as a major move into adopting category theory as a key foundation for the calculi. We have a particular interest in exploring the category-theoretic concept of topos as a cornerstone of the Irish VDM. Topoi are categories which are "set-like" and come equipped with a (ready-made) Heyting logic. Available material includes:

A very rough draft version of an "Irish VDM Reference"  (PDF, 1,017k) is available. At this point in time it may raise more questions than it answers, however. All feedback is welcome --- send to Andrew.Butterfield @ .

Online resources include TeX stuff for Irish VDM , (the main style file being called ISCM.sty ) and Irish VDM Technical Reports .



We include links to documents decribing various models written using Irish VDM.


We have some teaching materials available These are not fully complete at present.

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